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4 Awesome Ways to Enjoy Gluten-Free Passover to the Max

gluten-free passoverIt’s Passover, bitches! I don’t know about you guys, but so far we’ve gone through about 8 boxes of gluten-free matzo. Matzah, or whatevs. My kids eat it like it’s candy, and I just feel obligated to grab some when I walk by because, come on, target market. This year, more than ever, the gluten-free Passover business is booming. See above for evidence. Also evidence that I will buy anything marked gluten-free.

If you’re also part of that target market then I suggest you keep Yehuda in business by picking up 12 or so boxes of your own matzo and matzo-ish products until they disappear from the shelves just like Elijah’s wine. I didn’t even know matzo farfel existed until I saw the GF version, and bam, look what I made with it!

gluten-free passoverThat’s some delish gluten-free granola happening right there, folks. I got the recipe from the LA Times and just omitted that pesky fruit (I have a weird fruit thing) and went to town. It smelled as good as it tasted. In other words, I had to hide it from my greedy family so I could enjoy it my gluten-free self. Still, I am suspicious that gluten-free matzo farfel is really just gluten-free matzo crumbs. I mean, if that’s how you want to play it . . .

gluten-free matzo
Sure you can hide the matzo, but if you make a lovely kale and artichoke dip (recipe in my next book, coming right up!) you can dip that gluten-free matzo right in and pretend you’re having normal crackers. Or you can buy those handy gluten-free matzo-like crackers, also by Yehuda. Also shown above in my supermarket splurge. Yehuda, you temptress.

gluten-free matzo ball soupThis is the first time I “made” gluten-free matzo ball soup and I’ll be sure to actually make it next time because, damn this mix was salty! While the actual balls were quite impressive in their texture, the soup mix that came with the gluten-free matzo ball mix was not my fave. Next time I’ll bust out the chicken stock and go to town, and just use their balls. Balls.

gluten-free matzo

I hope you saved room for dessert because this is the gluten-free chocolate covered matzo you’ve all been waiting for. Oddly enough, I remember using saltines to make this exact same dessert for Christmas back in Oklahoma. The only difference were the almond sprinkles on top. It’s really super simple, but the taste is out of this freaking world. Here’s how you make that magic happen: Continue reading


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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Hamantaschen for Purim!

gluten-free hamantaschenPurim is such a weird holiday. I had heard of it randomly, but the first time I learned what it was actually about was when we moved to LA and my daughter’s pre-school was celebrating. I always knew it was considered a “kid’s holiday” but wow, the story behind Purim—so not kid-friendly.

You take a story of deception, planned genocide and murder and turn it into a kid’s holiday (oh, and also one where adults get loaded). Ummm, OK. But hey, cookies! And clearly I don’t get it because, as my daughter said when we were making the delicious cookie treat that accompanies Purim, “You’re not the Jew here. I am.”

No pressure to convert there, amiright? But let me show you the difference between MY gluten-free hamantaschen and hers (aka, the girl in Jewish Day School). Mine:

gluten-free hamantaschen


gluten-free hamantaschenYeah, eat that, girlie!

Which she did. Because, you know, it tastes exactly the same. The look, however, is supposed to resemble Haman’s (Boo!!!) hat. The evil advisor who tried to kill off all of the Jews. Again, we’re making a COOKIE that looks like this evil guy’s HAT. Not sure how that happened to become a tradition, but it sure is yummy.

The best guide in folding up the hamantaschen can be found on another I-married-into-this gal’s website, The Shiksa in the Kitchen. She made a first-timer’s try very, very easy. (Do not ignore her advice to have everything prepared and to work quickly, the dough will get too sticky fast.) And the actual cookie is a sugar cookie, so I’ve got this. I also decided to fancy up our hamantaschen by using a chocolate almond filling and a pomegranate jelly (thanks to my G-Free Foodie Box!). See here -

gluten-free dairy-free cookies

Regardless, making gluten-free hamantaschen is super easy (unless you’re an 8-year-old girl, apparently) if you follow The Shiksa’s instructions and my recipe below substituting ATK gluten-free flour. I also decided to go dairy-free because when you’re working with gluten-free dough, the butter just makes it less workable. So bonus!

One note, check the cookies after 18 minutes if you’re using the dairy-free recipe, these babies cook fast!

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A Very Whole Foods Holiday + Giveaway!

gluten-free christmas dinnerMy pants are beginning to feel a lot like it’s Christmas, ya’ll. That’s because I just ate ALL THE FOOD. All of the delicious gluten-free Christmas food. Including the cheese ball. This cheese ball -

gluten-free cheeseballWhich could actually double for a Super Bowl recipe. CHEESE BALL!!!!

I’m totally addicted to this new cookbook, Great Balls of Cheese and am determined to make every ball in there. And I found the perfect excuse to make this beer and pretzel version gluten-free when I found Omission’s IPA at Whole Foods and I needed a dark’ish beer for this particular cheese ball, and guess what, they also had Glutino gluten-free pretzels. Also, Whole Foods gave me a great opportunity to pretend it was Christmas early by providing my fab readers (myself included) with a gift card giveaway ($50!!) to that healthy, gluten-free friendly grocery store for all of your holiday needs. All of them. So I did!

Here’s what you’re seeing in that overall pic, but close up because I want everyone hungry right now. Here’s the London Broil, aka, the main course-

gluten-free london broilDo you know what goes well with a London Broil? A gluten-free potato and Brussels sprouts gratin.

gluten-free gratinWho wants fudge? I do! Oh, and don’t forget about those cinnamon scented pine cones you see out front of your local WF store. Mmmmm, smells like Christmas.

gluten-free fudge

You don’t think I’d forget about salad, do you? I just whipped up an easy fresh kale salad with pomegranate seeds and a lemon olive oil dressing and served it alongside a glass of sparkling wine with a splash of pomegranate juice. That is festive as hell. Why yes, I DID get all of this at Whole Foods.

gluten-free christmas

So get ready for the gluten-free holiday you guys, and get ready to win $50!!!! Answer me this in comments for your chance at a random drawing by Monday, December 23rd: Which one of these recipes made you the hungriest?

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Udi’s Can Help You With That Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

udisOr “Friendsgiving” if you will. You see, the good people at Udi’s sent me this load of meal helpers and said, “Hey! Why not invite your friends over for a gluten-free pre-Thanksgiving nosh?” I was all, “You bet!” Then I got bronchitis and told everyone to stay away from our house. So me and the fam just ate it our own damn selves. Still. Friendsgiving, indeed.

Here was the final product:

gluten-free thanksgivingYes, that is a chicken instead of a turkey, but I still used the amazing brine and brine bag Udi’s provided to make the juiciest little bird in the West. Lip smacking good, it was. I always brine my turkey as you can cook it a bit long an it will still be juicy as heck. So you should definitely do that. But let’s start with the apps.

hummusI did that pumpkin hummus thing again because it was so good and festive. This time I added Udi’s Ancient Grain chips to the dipping action to make it even more awesomely gluten-free. It ’twas.

gluten-free stuffingThe stuffing was made extra special with Udi’s gluten-free bagels. Although I was accused of heresy by another gluten-free blogger for using the delicious bagels in such a manner. And I did burn some bagel edges as I got caught up in a Twitter chat, because that’s how I roll, apparently. Still, dang good stuffing and I used my favorite gluten-free recipe subbing Udi’s bagels for cornbread. Yummers.

gluten-free bread puddingFor one amazoids dessert, I converted my maple pumpkin bread pudding recipe into a cinnamon raisin bread pudding recipe by simply using Udi’s cinnamon raisin bread, eliminating the pumpkin puree, and adding an extra 1/4 cup of milk. You can top it with ice cream or not, totally your choice. I say go for it.

Add in mashed potatoes and a chocolate pie and dang, you’ve got yourself a Friendsgiving that will be the envy of all those friends you invite over. Except not so much envy since they’ll be sharing. If you don’t have bronchitis and people want to share with you. Unlike me. Excuse me while I go take a hit from my inhaler.

Happy Gluten-Free Thanksgiving you guys!!!


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Gluten-Free Father’s Day Whether He Wants it or Not

gluten-free father's dayLet’s face it, my husband is forced into a diet not of his choosing, and certainly not out of necessity. It seems to be a common thing in super supportive partners as I’ve met many of you all and your special friends who also go g-free. NICE.

So it’s only fitting that on Father’s Day I honor the dude who eats gluten-free pizza with glee, with a few of his favorite gluten-free dishes. Maybe the dad in your life will enjoy this biz as well! Try it, he’ll like it! Or at least pretend to, because he loves YOU. Win/Win.

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Some Gluten-Free Easter Brunch + Advice

gluten-free easterHappy spring/early day off at work/long weekend/Easter!

Personally I’m taking advantage of the half-day to make a gigantic gluten-free rainbow cake. That’s right, Pinterest has lured me in again. So while you all can wait in anticipation for that wonder of the gluten-free world, in the meantime I’ll tell you how to put together a gluten-free Easter brunch that won’t rely all that heavily on hard-boiled eggs. Because, cholesterol. And lack of variety. And (kind of) yuck.

Also, here is my oft-quoted holiday advice for the gluten-free: Stay home. Unless you bring every food item you want, or are going to an amazing friend or family’s members house who totally gets it, stay home. Whip up these gluten-free dishes, and hide colored eggs all around your house. The only thing that will make you sick is that rotten egg someone discovers three months from now. Happy Easter! Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Gefilte Fish for Passover . . . Yeah

gluten-free gefilte fishThere are many foods out there that cause you to wonder, “Who in the hell decided to eat this?” Like say, the pomegranate. Who opened that up and instead of planting it in the beds of their enemies, said, “Let’s eat!” Same goes for a goat. On a much more minor scale, who thought, “Hey, do you know what would be great on celery? Peanut butter.” Sure it’s a tasty treat, but it’s just not intuitive. Gefilte fish is, for me, is the king of those foods.

Granted, I married into the tribe rather than being raised on Manischewitz and whitefish. Since every other family member I have LOVES this bizarro Passover tradition, and one of you super readers even asked me how to make gluten-free gefilte fish, clearly I just don’t get it. But in preparation for a Passover seder tonight, as well as in service to my chosen readers, I just spent a huge amount of time making something that I won’t even eat. And then scrubbing down my kitchen and opening up all of the windows so I did not have that “gefilte fish” smell in my home. You’re excited about this recipe aren’t you?

This is also one of the first (and hopefully only) times I’ve made something that I’ve never eaten before. Oh, except for that gluten-free deep fried Kool-Aid, but I had an idea of what that should taste like. Doesn’t everyone?

I didn’t even understand that gefilte fish even had gluten in it, then learned about the matzo meal. So I bought my Yehuda gluten-free matzo, and ground it all up real fine in the blender. That worked out well, then came the fish stock. Which I couldn’t find and was unwilling to make. Did I mention I wasn’t even going to be eating this? I substituted gluten-free vegetable stock, even though no one suggests you should do this. No one. Also, apparently some recipes for gefilte fish include sugar, which I can’t even.You guys, I didn’t even know what it was supposed to look like. But I did enjoy this presentation before putting the whole mess into the oven.

gluten-free passoverThe recipe I used had you boil a cabbage (because whitefish does not give enough of an odor, apparently) and use the cabbage leaves to wrap up your gefilte fish. Then you slice and dice your leeks and carrots on top. My husband informed me that “leeks are the rich man’s onion” so, okay. I think this looks fun. I’m still not going to eat it, but my husband tried one and he proclaimed it, “Better than normal gefilte fish.” I don’t even know what that means, but I do know it does not look like the stuff in the jar. Although my husband did admit to missing that gelatinous feel. GAH.

Here’s the thing. When I roll in with this gluten-free gefilte fish everyone at the seder is going to know that 1) I’m the gluten-free weirdo, and 2) I’m the shiksa.

Get your Passover on, people.

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