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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Hamantaschen for Purim!

gluten-free hamantaschenPurim is such a weird holiday. I had heard of it randomly, but the first time I learned what it was actually about was when we moved to LA and my daughter’s pre-school was celebrating. I always knew it was considered a “kid’s holiday” but wow, the story behind Purim—so not kid-friendly.

You take a story of deception, planned genocide and murder and turn it into a kid’s holiday (oh, and also one where adults get loaded). Ummm, OK. But hey, cookies! And clearly I don’t get it because, as my daughter said when we were making the delicious cookie treat that accompanies Purim, “You’re not the Jew here. I am.”

No pressure to convert there, amiright? But let me show you the difference between MY gluten-free hamantaschen and hers (aka, the girl in Jewish Day School). Mine:

gluten-free hamantaschen


gluten-free hamantaschenYeah, eat that, girlie!

Which she did. Because, you know, it tastes exactly the same. The look, however, is supposed to resemble Haman’s (Boo!!!) hat. The evil advisor who tried to kill off all of the Jews. Again, we’re making a COOKIE that looks like this evil guy’s HAT. Not sure how that happened to become a tradition, but it sure is yummy.

The best guide in folding up the hamantaschen can be found on another I-married-into-this gal’s website, The Shiksa in the Kitchen. She made a first-timer’s try very, very easy. (Do not ignore her advice to have everything prepared and to work quickly, the dough will get too sticky fast.) And the actual cookie is a sugar cookie, so I’ve got this. I also decided to fancy up our hamantaschen by using a chocolate almond filling and a pomegranate jelly (thanks to my G-Free Foodie Box!). See here -

gluten-free dairy-free cookies

Regardless, making gluten-free hamantaschen is super easy (unless you’re an 8-year-old girl, apparently) if you follow The Shiksa’s instructions and my recipe below substituting ATK gluten-free flour. I also decided to go dairy-free because when you’re working with gluten-free dough, the butter just makes it less workable. So bonus!

One note, check the cookies after 18 minutes if you’re using the dairy-free recipe, these babies cook fast!

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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free (Well, Except for One Thing) Crispy Cauliflower Pizza

gluten-free dairy-free pizzaSo there was a shout-out on my FB page about a serious need for gluten- and dairy-free pizza. Some might say that taking the gluten and dairy out of a pizza = not a pizza. I am not one of those people. Although, admittedly, I couldn’t quite leave the cheese off the top when I was done. But you can! You, who know the evils of dairy.

I’ve heard of making a pizza crust with cauliflower so much I’m pretty sure everyone is doing it. I decided to try The Lucky Penny’s version of a cauliflower crust because she says it’s the best. I’m not going to stand for just the second best. So that’s what I tried. Of course, her best, best version calls for dairy in the form of Parmesan and mozzarella in the crust. YUMMMMMM. But I know that’s not what you asked for people, so luckily she also has a version that is dairy-free where she subs nutritional yeast and allows the crust to cook longer. So I did that! Now, hold your nose and let’s get started. This is what you start with, and wow does it stink! Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Disaster!

gluten-free valentine's day cookiesWe’ve all been there. You’re all up in your kitchen going, “OMG, you guys! I’m about to rock the house with these treats!” And then, bam, that vanilla you thought you were adding to your cookies turns out to be mint. Amiright? No? Just me?

So that happened.

And the thing is, I was going for the easiest possible Valentine’s Day cookie solution by using Glutino’s sugar cookie mix. That is hard to mess up my friends, but I did. Or I possibly made it BETTER, which I’m really coming around to now that I’ve gobbled up four heart-shaped cookies with a minty tingle in one sitting.

Normally if you’re mixing up Glutino sugar cookies they recommend you just ball it up and bake. But if you want to go at it with a cookie cutter, do what I did and after mixing the ingredients allow the dough to chill for about an hour. Gluten-free flour a surface and a rolling pin, then roll out that dough to about a 1/4 inch thick. Cut into your favorite shapes and bake.

If you don’t have any Glutino handy, you can use this recipe wherein I used the Cup4Cup. These were awesome too. But the best part of my experiment in Valentine’s Day cookies was finally getting the icing right. I love me a buttercream, but butter don’t set. Instead, use a corn syrup based icing and if you want to make it dairy-free, you can substitute almond milk right on down the line. It’s like magic.

The thing is, we all know that sugar cookies with icing really means Christmas. And with that mistake-o-mint, these heart cookies totally reminded me of Christmas. Which made me think, “How many days until Christmas?” Because that means, “How many days until I can take some time off with my family and sit around shoving food in my face, and especially that Garrett’s popcorn?” Those were the days.

Let’s relive them, shall we?

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Gluten-Free Tiramisu Is Kind of Blowing My Mind

gluten-free tirimasu First of all I’m going to admit that I had no idea tiramisu was a no-cook dessert. Secondly, rum? Really, I enjoyed this delight for years before being gluten-free and I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS EATING. (Admittedly, that wasn’t the only thing I ever ate that could be described the same way.) The other thing I learned during my schooling about this Italian dessert was that Schar offered gluten-free ladyfingers! So I went for it. It was goooood, you guys. Just like I remembered it. Creamy, dreamy, coffee-y and lightly chocolate-y.

I used the recipe on the package, as otherwise I would have had to have come home with more than one package because most tiramisu recipes are about twice as large. So if you’ve got a fab dinner party with lots of gluten-free boozy guests, double this recipe and go to town!  It has also occurred to me that there’s probably no other use for ladyfingers besides tiramisu. Is that right?

Since this is a no-cook, please buy great quality eggs so no one gets the salmonella. What with your propensity for diarrhea, you do NOT want salmonella on top of it all.

On that note -

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Gluten-Free Honey Buttermilk Fried Chicken

gluten-free fried chickenMy daughter came home from somewhere I can’t recall and announced that she had just had the BEST honey fried chicken. My intense jealousy sent me straight to the store for cut up chicken pieces and buttermilk. Because you know, I WANT FRIED CHICKEN TOO. I’ve done the chicken and waffle thing before (recipe in my book) on the gf, so this is really adding a honey step for even more deliciousness.

Fried chicken is one of those things that I truly missed the most when I was diagnosed with the sprue. Sure, I can make it myself and it’s not too complicated (says the girl who grew up with a grandmother who made it every time we were over), but I’m still super sad I can’t drive up to a joint and just dive in. Sigh. So this was fun to have around for a day or two including leftovers. I felt like I should have taken the extra on a pic-a-nic, but alas, we kind of don’t do that anymore. You never catch anyone packing up the cold chicken and potato salad with a checkered cloth and heading out to the woods. WEIRD. Why don’t we do that? We should do that.

Regardless, I had some Hodgson’s mill gluten-free seasoned flour which I’ve used before, so I just added some corn starch for extra crunch (you can also use potato starch or tapioca starch). If you use regular flour, salt and pepper that stuff and throw any other spices in that make you happy. Maybe even some hot sauce. The end result? Awesomeness.

Three words, you guys: Fried honey chunks. You should do this.

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Gluten-Free Product Round-Up

gluten-free productsYou guys, there is SO much amazing gluten-free stuff going on at the store. Sure we can all paleo it up and eat all whole, but sometimes we need a bar, a cookie we didn’t make ourselves, and, of course, jerky. Or all of the above at once.

Liz Lovely Cookies

The nice people at Liz Lovely contacted me awhile ago about trying their delicious cookies. Between travel, and general insanity, I wound up eating all the cookies and not doing what I wanted to do, which was make a gluten-free peanut butter chocolate ice cream sandwich. I also just saw this ice cream sandwich trick, and was excited to get it all going. Luckily I discovered Mrs. Winston’s sells Liz Lovely cookies so I picked up my fave—the previously mentioned peanut butter and chocolate—and got excited again. Then I dropped the cookies. Broke the cookies. I decided that rather than wait another six months to remember to buy a cookie, get a pint of vanilla ice cream, and do this thing, I plopped the ice cream in a bowl and sprinkled broken cookies over the top. Not as amazing looking, but just as unbelievably good. So, yeah, Liz Lovely makes some good gluten-free cookies, you guys. Soft, in many flavors, and delicious with ice cream.

brazi bites gluten-freeBrazi Bites Cheese Bread

Oh, yum. We demolished these bags of Brazi Bites in our house. The jalapeno was the fave, with bacon being a close second. My favorite thing to do with these gluten-free lumps of joy is to serve alongside a gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi, as seen above. Honestly, these Brazilian style of bread balls make every single family member drool. We’ll be adding these to our table on the regular.

gluten-free-love-pack-265Nutty Steph’s Gluten-Free Granola

First of all, this joint in Vermont has Bacon Thursday. So I was already won over before they shipped me two delicious flavors of gluten-free granola. As someone who loves granola that’s simple, not too much fruit-ness, I LOVE their nut-filled maple version. The chocolate is a super treat when you’re all, “Give me the chocolate!!!!” Which is often.

skout gluten-free barSkout Natural Bars

Did you know that every minute 1 in 50 people are eating a bar? Okay that’s not true. But I heard some number like that and now I can’t find the info to back up the claim. So my point is, a lot of people are eating bars. And there are a lot of crappy bars out there. Skout is NOT one of those bars. In fact, I just had one for breakfast (for the second time) and I’m feeling pretty good considering the Skouts are certified organic, gluten-free (duh-course), vegan and no-GMO. Also, they’re from Portland, so awesome. I’m favoring the Chocolate-Peanut butter trail bar at the moment. Can you see a food theme in my life? Mmmmm, peanut butter.

gluten-free browniesGlutino Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

I like to pimp my brownie mix, so I turned this Glutino box into my German Cream Cheese version. Uhhh, yum. I also brought it to a volunteer event and they were gone within seconds. So it’s one of those things you can bring anywhere and no one will know if it’s gluten-free or not. SCORE.

Wow, that’s a lot of yumness with zero to small amounts of work on my part. Happy gf eating!


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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Ginger Whoopie Pies

gluten-free pumpkin whoopie piesDamn. Udi’s sent me these soft & chewy ginger cookies and I was all, “You know what would go great with this? Something creamy and pumpkiny in the middle.” Then I did it. Because it is not yet time to say goodbye to pumpkin treats, and I’ve got all this puree up in here to use, abuse, and suck down my pumpkin hole.

Because gluten-free pumpkin muffins, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin maple bread pudding and pumpkin cheesecake is simply not enough. It’s not! I also seem to be compelled to do this all in the span of 2 1/2 months, for some crazy reason (marketing, cough, marketing) so here comes another winner, winner, pumpkin dinner recipe. Luckily, this one is the easiest of the bunch and if you’ve got these cookies laying around you’re more than halfway there.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Ginger Whoopie Pies

Prep time: 7 minutes


Udi’s Soft & Chewy Ginger Cookies
4 oz. cream cheese, softened
3 Tablespoons pumpkin puree
1/4 cup powdered sugar, sifted

1. Beat cream cheese, pumpkin puree and powdered sugar until smooth.

2. Using a spatula, small knife, or whatever floats your icing boat, spread approximately 2 Tablespoons of mixture on the flat side of the Udi’s cookie. Sandwich another on top, and go to town.

Makes: 8 cookie sandwiches


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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Maple Bread Pudding is as Good as it Sounds

gluten-free pumpkin bread puddingDamn, peoples. I’ll be honest. I’ve cut out a lot of sugar in my life since that whole experiment. Even more dairy. Something happened last weekend, however, or two somethings. One, we went to a family dinner post-wedding where bread pudding was served. And two, PUMPKIN IS HAPPENING. Perhaps, you’ve heard?

I’ve decided to commit to making as much food with pumpkin in the next 45 days as possible. I’m just assuming you are too. It’s what we do in America once fall happens and we all lose our shit. Up first, gluten-free pumpkin bread pudding.

Something I actually do is buy a couple of sugar pumpkins and roast them, grab the seeds and do them up, then puree the hell out of it and make good bizness. This year, however, I’ve got less than zero time so I bought some organic pumpkin guts and went to town.

I also went to Rising Hearts and loaded up on gluten-free brioche because I wanted to do it right. Honestly, I think if you used another gluten-free white bread like Udi’s it would still turn out great, but I wanted to brioche it up. So I did! And wow, my entire family is flipping out about this recipe. It’s coming back. Soon.

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What I Can’t Have on the Whole 30 Even Though It’s Gluten-Free

gluten free rainbow cakeDamn. So right around 5 o’clock I usually start to unravel a bit. I’m finishing up work, I’m distracted, I’m all tapped out, and I want a pizza and a beer. Of course, I can’t really have those “normal” style so this is usually not the worst craving to have. What is bad? My insane wish for chocolate covered wine. Or something. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but it’s not going home to more steak and kale and water.

This is the point where I just whine for awhile about this totally voluntary eating plan I put myself on. Yes, that is the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard in your life. I’m choosing to take the Whole 30 challenge, and now I’m getting burned out, and pretending that I have no choice in this situation. Of course, if someone were holding a gun to my head (and rest assured, no one is) I could complain all night and be totally justified. As it is now? Well, I still can’t help myself from wishing like hell I could shove some rainbow right in my cake hole. I want this cake so bad, you guys. If I told you I wasn’t crying a little, that would be a lie.

Also? I could use a little Bourbon Joe Brownie Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to cheer me up.

gluten-free browniesAnd I wouldn’t kick a Ginger Lemon Martini out of my bed either. Or any of its cocktail friends.

gluten-free summer cocktails

They seem nice, don’t they?


gluten-free corn dogs

So, yeah. I’m gritting my teeth and watching the clock and waiting for this all to be over. And yes, I realize that if I eat and drink all of these things the second it’s over I’m not only making the previous 30 days completely useless, but I’ll get hella’ sick, hella’ fast. So I won’t do it all at once. Maybe just over a long weekend. And then the next week I’ll get back on the protein, vegetable, fat, minimal fruit horse because in spite of all of my bitchin’, I think I might have just changed some eating habits for good. Oh, snap.


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Gluten-Free Gluttony in Los Angeles

gluten-free los angelesSo I’m the worst. I meant to take pictures of all of the bad-for-me meals I’ve been loading up on this week in preparation for a life-changing event (coming soon!). Instead, I ate most of them before I could remember to snap a photo with my greasy fingers. But still, I can totally tell you what I’ve been eating this week because IT’S CRAZY. But first, you deserve an explanation.

Two things. One, the kids were at grandma’s house so the hubs and I were on a dining out TEAR. Why not go out every night if you don’t have anyone waiting for you at home needing things like “food” and “water” and “safety”? So we did! But why stop there? I’m about to change the way I eat in a big huge way, so I decided stuffing as much cheese, gluten-free grains, and booze inside my pie hole was the way to go. That was the right decision, yes? Continue reading


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