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7 Layer Tamale Dip From Del Real = #RealFlavor

7 layer tamale dipI just hashtag-ed a headline! There is a first time for everything and that was it. Also, a first time for me working with Del Real and creating the most insane party food OF ALL TIME. Yep, this 7 layer tamale dip is coming back during holidays, office parties and anytime I want to shove some amazing down anyone’s throat. And it’s naturally gluten-free, BAM.

But the real deal? SO EASY. This is how you do it with your friends from Del Real. It’s chow time. Continue reading


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Holy Gluten-Free Snacks! Top 7 Things at The CDF Expo

celiac disease foundation expoIt was a busy weekend at the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference and Expo in Pasadena, you guys. Yes, that’s my “snack basket” I have set up on our counter filled with delicious gluten-free treats. I also have a cabinet-full of gluten-free mixes, flours and other gluten-free delights because every freaking gluten-free company was there. And they had kick ass free stuff for those of us who are used to spending an entire paycheck on that biz.

I was there to blog about it, to hang out with other gluten-free super cool bloggers, and to talk to as many people as possible about my upcoming gluten-free trip to Ireland because it’s awesome, and you should come, and you should just start packing because AWESOME. Fill out this form and vacation with me. That. Simple. Huzzah!!!

In case you were wondering what else I was doing at the CDF Expo, well, I’ll tell ya’. There were basically 7 things I learned/loved/did that you should know about as well. They are:

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How to Survive a Gluten-Free Earthquake

What hell a SoCal earthquake hath wrought.

What hell a SoCal earthquake hath wrought.

Before any of you lifelong Californians or folks from the Far East jump in, let me just inform you that I come from the land of tornadoes, came of age in the land of the occasional terrorist attack, and am very, very new to the land of the “you-never-know-when-it’s-coming” earthquake. I guess it’s just what you’re used to because, HOLY HELL THESE EARTHQUAKES ARE FREAKING ME OUT!!!!

I mean, let’s be honest, not as much as a terrorist attack, but still. It’s been a shaky couple of weeks. And one thing I worry about, of course, is what to eat during a disaster. OK, once I know no one is dead or seriously injured, ALL I think about is what I’m going to eat. Red Cross isn’t gluten-free you guys. (Is it? Maybe I’m unnecessarily judging.) Anyhoo.

We have stockpiled water, some canned goods (but let’s be honest, not cooked? that’s gonna’ suck) and randomly some V8 in case things get really desperate. Which is why I was stoked to get a box of RATIO bars from those nice folks right after a couple of medium ones hit.

gluten-free emergencyI’m not totally a “protein bar” kind of girl, yet I am a gluten-free eater who can get really ‘effing sick if I don’t have anything but gluten around. Like, you know, while traveling, after an earthquake, etc. In addition to the gluten-freeness, there aren’t any GMOs up in here, no soy protein, no artificial ingredients and no hormones. None of us need hormones, especially during a natural disaster. Since RATIO has peanut butter, well, I’m all set. I mean, I’ll have to fight that dino for it, but I’m feeling pretty excited about my stash the next time a biggish one comes.

Do you have an emergency gluten-free stash?


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Should We Be Making Gluten-Free New Year’s Resolutions?

chocolate fondueThis is not my first time greeting a new year with an incredibly irritating illness, and I’m guessing it won’t be my last. The interesting thing about being sick on NYE is that you’re all, “I vow to be healthier next year!” because you’re just really fucking tired of being sick. So yes, that is where I’m at and I am contemplating monthly B-12 shots along with a Whole 30 diet as much as possible, and never eating sugar again. Redonk.

A great way to start that is by serving up a chocolate fondue with dipping marshmallows and gluten-free pretzels. But you know what? There is one healthy snack on the end of those toothpicks. It’s Larabars! Cut those little suckers up and go to town on some dark chocolate so you can get your gluten-free dessert on while not feeling horribly sugar-fied and gross. Plus, remember that whole antioxidant thing? Yeah, eat this. My kids freaking love it.

gluten-free new year resolution

Luckily we got a used copy of “Just Dance” for our Kinect so they could work all of that chocolate sauce off. Pro tip: Spring for the “I Like to Move It” remix for optimum kid dancing hilarity.

But seriously, this time of year is for reflecting and I’m always annoyed at having to take stock re: food and stuffs that goes into my body. After all, I’m constantly watching what I eat on account of that gosh darn celiac, so WTF??? Sigh. Fine, so here’s what I should do in 2014: Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Camping Is Such a Bad Idea

gluten-free campingGod help me, I’m going gluten-free camping this weekend. Or rather, for one night this weekend because I did NOT sign on for more than that. Sure it’s going to be awesome to be all up in nature, and to see the kids outside of their urban environment running like wild and getting dirty. And I’ll be sitting in the corner with wipes just waiting to catch them and disinfect them, praying there are no snakes within a 50-mile radius. Wow, good times.

Also, camping during a Whole 30 challenge is going to be interesting. Which is why I loaded up on almond butter, gluten-free chicken sausages, lox, whole food beef sticks, seltzer, and more nuts. Breakfast should be interesting. I do have two Lara Bars for emergencies. Apparently they’re allowed on the  Whole 30, but I’ve never had them before. So I’m guessing they’re, ummmm, plain?

If only I could use some maple syrup or what not, I could do some almond bars with almond butter and what not. Oh, great. Now I’m craving healthy bars on this diet. What’s wrong with me??? I’m camping, I want bars instead of brownies, and I’m thinking about picking up some more fruit for the weekend. What. The. Hell.

Someone save me.


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Dos and Don’ts of Gluten-Free Travel

gluten-free travelI’ve never been so happy to be at the grocery store. I’m back from my travels and the first thing I did was grab a cart and wander around the store gazing lovingly at fresh produce, dairy, the organic meat stuffs, and of course, the gluten-free snack aisle. I might have gone overboard as the cashier said to me, “Why do you have so much food?” Really. He said that. I said I’d been out of town and was stocking up, omitting the fact that I planned on holing up in my kitchen for the next week and eating without fear.

Because even if you plan, use great apps, and pack a load of snacks, traveling while gluten-free is still not easy. But lucky for you I’ve got a handy-dandy list of dos and don’ts! Oh yes I do.

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Gluten-Free Road Trip Book Tour!

gluten-free travel snacksWhooo, daddy! By the time you read this I will probably be trying to hustle everyone into the car for our West Coast road trip to book events in San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Or I’ll be sitting here lost in an Internet hole while the family is downstairs all buckled in because Paula Deen, and James Gandolfini, and why is that Edward Snoden showing off his Glamour Shots??? Oh, Internet. I’m so glad there’s a cat dressed in a shark costume chasing a duck on a Roomba to make me feel all life-affirming and stuff.

Anyway. One should never embark on an epic road trip without epic gluten-free snacks. Which is clearly, what you see above. Oh sure there are stops along the way so you don’t necessarily need a party sized bag of M&Ms, but I’m sure it’s economical or something. And I’m being all good and stuff by enjoying the brand new flavors of KIND bars, those folks so nicely sent my way. It’s Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Chili Almond, you guys. OMG. And of course, I made my German Cream Cheese Brownies because a) they rule, and b) they travel really, really, well, and c) I can eat them for breakfast if everyone else is hoovering the pound cake from Starbucks or what not. That’s right, brownies for breakfast. It’s not a road trip if you have not had brownies for breakfast. That’s a fact.

So make some! (This fab recipe is in my book, so you guys are about to enter super bonus zone if you have not purchased. Also, COME OUT TO SF, Portland & Seattle next week!!!!)

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