Gluten-Free Dodger Stadium: More Nachos, Please

dodgerstourIt’s Spring, ya’ll! Which means if you’re a fan of America’s most America sport, you’re getting STOKED. Grab your cracker jacks and all that and get to cheering!

I live in Los Angeles, and my husband is an OG Angeleno, so I’m kind of a Dodgers fan. (If you’ve ever read anything else here about game day food, you’ll know that I’m very meh about any sports that don’t involve my kids, or drinking.) And I’ve been lucky enough to be invited on food tours more than once to Dodger Stadium, which is so much fun. It does have the actual effect of making me like the Dodgers more, which my family certainly appreciates.

This year I took my lil’ dude to make it even more entertaining, and I also had him do the food testing since almost everything had gluten in it. He obliged. Here’s what I found out about the whole gluten-free thing, and more at Dodgers Stadium. Continue reading

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The Most Disgusting Way to Get Gluten’d

gluten-free-new-york-cityHappy Hump Day, everybody!

I hope you’re all feeling good and healthy and not at all like me because I am grossed out to the max. I just got some disturbing not gluten-free news.

If you’re like me, every now and then you’re crapping your pants and taking inventory of what in the heck you ate over the past 24 hours. Coming up blank (not even too much coffee or a milkshake) you cannot figure out how you could possibly be suffering from ingesting gluten. Well, friends, I may have figured out what my problem has been recently. And I hope to Jaysus this is not something you’ve ever experienced. Like, ever.

The thing that may be glutening me is . . .  Continue reading


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Who Runs the World? #GFSquad Girls Do (Udi’s Contest + Love)


This is me and my gal getting ready to chow down. You may not know it by looking, but this little lady is one of my fiercest advocates when it comes time to get our eat on. I’ve written about my daughter before and the “does she, doesn’t she” business with celiac, but what I haven’t told you is how she’s already so well-versed in gluten-free (even though she’s not celiac…yet), she sometimes tackles the awkward conversations with wait staff for me. AND, she’s big on ordering gluten-free meals even though she doesn’t have to eat them.

This girl is my GFF, and in the numero uno spot on my #GFSquad. She’s so badass she even drives a food truck.


Okay, she’s not driving that truck. But it is a food truck for my brother’s restaurant in Austin, Texas that also serves up Udi’s gluten-free buns (among other GF goodness). So really, I’ve got a whole family that makes up my #GFSquad.

People, you’ve gotta’ have friends in this world. And when you’re in the “special eaters” club that means you have to be gluten-free, well, then you REALLY gotta’ have friends. This is why Udi’s is sponsoring this #GFSquad party, where you can win some fun things! And they’ve asked me to help spread the word, as well as talk about my own squad.

So first, I’m giving a great big thank you to my daughter who kicks butt and takes care of her mama. Esme B, I adore you and thank you for eating gluten-free pizza so I don’t have to be sad and lonely. This one’s for you—


Now here’s how you can big prizes by telling the world (via Instagram) who your #GFSquad team is, and how amazing they make you feel.

Udi’s #GFsquad Instagram Contest Participation Instructions: 

  • To participate in the #GFSquad contest with Udi’s, share a photo of your gluten-free supporter on Instagram with a short description of how this person has supported you during your gluten-free journey.
  • This contest will run 2/1-2/19
  • In your post, tag Udi’s (@udisglutenfree) and include #GFsquad
  • What can you win? One (1) First Prize: $500.00 VISA® gift card. One (1) Second Prize: $400 VISA® gift card. Four (4) Third Prizes: $250 VISA® gift card. Total Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) all prizes: $1,900.00.

Who’s in your #GFSquad? Tell us!


*This post was sponsored by Udi’s and I received compensation, but not in gluten-free snickerdoodles. Which is disappointing. 

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Gluten-Free New York City: Sad Bagels & Happy Seafood

gluten-free-new-yorkHey guys! Happy 2016. It’s certainly been a whirlwind already, dudes. Amiright? Between losing Bowie and Snape and snarking on the Golden Globes and super white Oscars, the world has gone CRAZY. Or maybe it’s just me.

Unlike most of my typical January’s, I’ve been in three states and on 5 different airplanes so far this year. Most recently I found myself in Raleigh, North Carolina speaking to a group of chefs from all over the country who run a variety of hotel kitchens. It was GREAT, you guys. Turns out it’s a lot of fun to talk to people who aren’t already sold on gluten-free bizness. While there’s not much better than being on a book tour and having people agreeing with you all the time, there’s something really cool about a real discussion with people who aren’t sure if they want you in their restaurant. GREAT talks, great chefs, great people. So!

Going backwards a little bit, I started the year in New York City, which is always my happy place. It’s also pretty exciting to try new gluten-free friendly joints every time I visit (which is a lot). It’s like I can’t keep up with gf progress in the big city. And that is an amazing thing.

Something that was reinforced on this trip was the fact that when you travel with other people, you can’t choose every restaurant based on it’s awesome gluten-freeness. There’s the time when you’re at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and everyone is DYING FROM HUNGER. And for some reason the UWS Risotteria is closed. What’s up with that? Continue reading

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When Gluten Cravings Get Real . . . Annoying


All gluten, all the time

Happy new year, everybodys!!!

I hope 2016 brings you everything in the world you want, including (for me) access to the world’s best gluten-free croissants. I haven’t met them yet, but I’ve heard they may be out there. I NEED THOSE GLUTEN-FREE CROISSANTS.

Yep, that’s kind of how it’s been around here lately. After my winter break in New York City, I discovered that, unlike Los Angeles, restaurants are back to that whole serving a bread basket with every meal thing. I swear I did not notice this on my last visit. The end result was that I wanted ALL THE GLUTEN in the five boroughs. Honestly, I’ve never had gluten cravings as badly as when I watched my family grab a slice of pizza and street eat it.

Basically, I’ve found myself honest-to-god despairing over my inability to ever enjoy gluten ever again so many times lately, I’m trying to sort out if it’s exposure, or something going awry in my brain. It is, after all, my 5 year anniversary of my celiac diagnosis, and thus my last bite of gluten. (Why didn’t anyone get me a present?) This must be why gluten has gotten so annoying, as well as the people in my immediate vicinity who can still eat it.

A few examples of me almost losing my shit over gluten in the past two weeks: Continue reading


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Have a Very Autoimmune Christmas!

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 12.43.01 PM.png

image via Lifetime

Merry Christmas, Happy (belated) Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza and 2016, party people! It’s time to get our eat and drink on, and I’m more than happy to celebrate every holiday that comes on down the pike.

Sure, I’m missing crescent rolls like nobodies business, and a gluten-free puff pastry has been more than challenging to find, but I’ve been able to tackle the gluten-freeness of the holidays for the past few years and everyone has seemed happy. This year, however, we’ve got a whole new challenge that is (surprisingly) not at all related to ME.

Continue reading


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Super Awesome Food Gifts for the Gluten-Free (+ Black Friday Deals!)

gluten-free-holiday-giftsIt’s the holidays, ya’ll! And we’re HUNGRY. Sometimes hangry. And what with all that flour-y food showing up everywhere, it can be a rough, and not so jolly time. That’s not the way the holidays should go down, gosh dingily darnit!!!

Luckily I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’ve been hunting down some gluten-free goodness that makes great holiday gifts for the gf people in our lives, or that we can shove down our own dang gullets. But first, buy these books –

GlutenIsMyBitchYep, it’s a good one.


Ooooh, check out all of these recipes!

And if you want to send someone yum food (with my books, natch) here are my top gluten-free food gift picks for 2015. Check it.

Continue reading

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