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Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cones To Fool Your Friends

In service to you, celiac reader, I decided to run an extensive taste test on gluten-free ice cream cones. I know, someone had to do it. It was me. And a few kids, because even I can’t eat that much dairy. So I raided the stores and came home with three different kinds of gluten-free ice cream cones:  Goldbaum’s sugar cone, Edward & Sons cake cone, and Edward & Sons sugar cone. There wasn’t much of a competition here. It turns out, they are all totally delicious.  I know! It’s a first in my “I ate that” series where I could not pick a winner, because every single one was a winner. Just like your mom told you. But just for the heck of it, let’s talk about how yummy these ice cream delivery devices actually are. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Palm Springs ‘Cuz Hurricane Irene Wrecked My Anniversary

I totally thought I’d be informing all of you lovely people about how to eat gluten-free in New York City today. Alas, climate change had other plans for my husband and I this past week. So we took a detour on our way to the five boroughs and wound up in Palm Springs. This is where I’d like to thank Al Gore for sparing most of NYC, and wish my friends without power the best of luck in getting ConEd out and up in your business.

In spite of the massive disappointment of not getting to enjoy our wedding anniversary tradition of lunch at Gramercy Tavern, and seeing loads of great friends, our alternate plans for the weekend in the PS turned out to be AWESOME. And delightfully, g-free. Right on, Palm Springs. Right. On. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Umami Burger or Have Bun, Will Travel

More burger news, people! Originally I had some product reviews lined up for today, but my laptop is currently in the hospital after I attempted to drown its sorrows in gin. Therefore, I’ve lost all my gorgeous photos of gluten-free donuts and ice cream cones. Which really means, I’ll just have to run those experiments all over again. Dangit.

In the meantime! I’m still enjoying the Udi’s hamburger buns, so much so I decided to infiltrate what is arguably the best burger joint in all of the United States: Umami Burger. This is where I admit to sending a sorrowful email to the L.A. joint right after I was diagnosed, begging them to serve a gluten-free bun so I wouldn’t have to give up this special treat of burger goodness. There was no reply. So I got bold. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Hamburger Bun GORGE & Giveaway!

Meet the Happiest Girl in the World. (The Beer Helps.)

If you’ve been reading with any regularity (and if you haven’t, why the heck not?) you’ll know that I’ve been searching for a gluten-free way to eat a cheeseburger that doesn’t totally taste like chalk in my throat. A few months ago, I saw that Udi’s was putting said bun on the market, yet my local Whole Foods seems to hate me, and it was never there when I shopped. Why do you taunt me, Whole Foods on 3rd and Fairfax? How is it you can sell 25 brands of gluten-free all-purpose flour, yet only one gf hamburger bun, that’s really more like a biscuit?

And this is why I had to crash a party at BlogHer a few weeks ago, and cram a cheeseburger on an Udi’s gf bun right into my face. I would apologize to the Cheap Sally hosts for tricking their door people into admitting me and a plus one into the party, but let me tell you why I won’t: First of all, this party was being thrown by a handful of people, two of whom were Udi’s gluten-free greatness, and Lifetime Moms. Umm, my husband works for Lifetime, and gluten is my bitch. I should have been on the freaking VIP list. I should have been allowed to speak at this event. So I lied my way in and went to TOWN on the Udi’s products.

After seeing such an enthusiastic eater of their free goods, naturally, Udi’s followed up with me to first ask if I was okay after eating so many burgers and snickerdoodles, and then to see if I felt like sharing the news with readers. Heck yeah, I said. Here’s what went down in my house this weekend, gluten-free, and courtesy of Udi’s gluten-free bunsContinue reading


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Gluten-free Weekend Reading & Adventurous Eating

You'd better run, dude

Just in time for the weekend, I’ve been discovering some amazing gluten-free recipes, and stories that keep me inspired, and don’t make me feel so outre when I whip up my Mormon Gravy. Check out these fab g-free blogs that think way outside the box.

Do you know what’s gluten-free? Grilled beaver. — Friends, food & drinks in Montreal

You’re going to need to wash that down with some homemade infused liquor. — Tasty Yummies

Fight off the beaver and booze hangover with Chinese Steamed Eggs. — Gluten Free Gobsmacked

What are you making for dinner?

Image via flickkerphotos

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So, I’ve Lost It

You mean, this isn't awesome?

Once you’ve gone on the gluten-free diet, there’s a window where you can still remember what real bread products taste like. I wasn’t sure what that window was, exactly, but now I know. For me, it’s approximately seven months after not eating gluten. Or at least that’s what my husband says, since twice in the last week I was proclaiming the deliciousness of a gluten-free product and he gave me a startled look and said, “Yeah, honey. It’s . . . great?”

Crap. I’ve lost my gluten taster. I still think that new brand of gluten-free beer was pretty okay, and I went back for seconds on the cake that he pooh-poohed. But I’m afraid he’s right: I’ve lost my ability to know what’s good and what sucks. Continue reading


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The Kids Could Have Celiac Disease? W.T.F.

Back Up From My Cake, Mom

Ever since my celiac diagnosis, it’s admittedly been all about me. Me and my vitamins, me and my gluten-free food stuffs, me and my pooping. Of course I asked my GI doc about my children, when he told me heredity plays a huge part in celiac disease. Of course I did! What do you think, I’m an unfit mother? He reassured me that my kids only have a 20% chance of getting the celiac, so to just watch and don’t stress.

Now, I love my GI guy. We share the same birthday, and he’s kind of hot. (Although this isn’t exactly the criteria you want when someone is examining your nether regions, amiright?) But now I’m wondering what the heck is up when not one, but two people have freaked out when I said I did not have my kids tested for celiac. Did you lead me down the path of denial, hot butt doc? Continue reading


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