Easy & Awesome Gluten-Free Pizza I Made Myself

You know ordering out is really the best part of having pizza for dinner. Which is why I have done just a tiny bit of experimenting in making my own, and was so stoked about the whole California Pizza Kitchen g-free news. That, and I’m also too lazy to make my own bread, especially since I dissed it so badly.

But sometimes you’ve just got to see what you can do by your own self. So I made some gluten-free pizza! You know what? It wasn’t half-bad. In fact, my daughter who is suddenly refusing to eat anything gluten-free, declared it “awesome.”

Here’s what I started with, ingredients-wise: Pepperoni, mozzarella, and sauce. Simple, right? The kids were only onlookers. No children were harmed in the making of this pizza.

I decided to go straight pepperoni, because I can go all Batali on this shit once I find the perfect thin crust. This Hodgson Mill turned out pretty well, and was much easier than some other complicated pizza dough recipes I followed before, so I am sold. Big props to my MIL for bringing this into my home. That, and her son. Big props on him as well, MIL.

There were two things that this gluten-free pizza crust flour had going for it that my previous attempts did not. 1) They recommended that I use corn starch when rolling out the dough, and 2) I baked the dough solo for 10 minutes, then brushed with olive oil, and then added my ingredients. The olive oil crust really made a delicious difference.

I also wound up just spreading the whole dang thing out on a giant baking sheet, rather than making two pies as I still don’t have a pizza stone up in here. Now I’ve got pizza all week long. Hooray! That’s like, a two-foot long pizza, right?

And that’s how easy it is: Buy the box, follow instructions, add sauce, cheese, toppings. You are done, my gluten-free friends. Right after you wipe away all that grease. I mean, if that’s your thing. If you love it, please be my greasy guest.


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4 responses to “Easy & Awesome Gluten-Free Pizza I Made Myself

  1. That pizza made me hungry. I am going to have to try making my own. I’ve been getting my pizza fix at BJs which just doesn’t cut it!

  2. Any idea WHEN California Pizza Kitchen is going to bring back their gluten free pizza crust??😦

    • We have it here at our Hollywood location, but I heard they were readdressing the safety issues so maybe my branch just doesn’t give a damn? Have you seen it anywhere near you?

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