Gluten-Free Pizza in Austin: Southside Flying Pizza + Potential

Here’s the thing about gluten-free pizza. It’s hard to get it right. It’s also one of those things that when you crave it, you kind of need to have it RIGHT NOW. I’ve been lucky here in Los Angeles in that I enjoy Lucifer’s gluten-free pizza in Los Feliz. And when I went to San Francisco I was totally stoked about Amici’s, but I have to say I’ve eaten more crappy gluten-free pizza than good. So when I was in Austin, Texas, home of two of my absolute favorite full-on gluten-filled pizza places (can I get a hell yeah for Mangia and Conan’s?) I thought I could get a great pie since I was also in the gluten-free capital of the world. Turns out, it was more challenging than that.

Another great pizza spot, conveniently located down the street from where my brother lives and where we were all staying, is Home Slice. So I called them with my fingers crossed and they said they were working on finding a gluten-free crust. However, they had not found one they loved yet, but to check back. Right on, Home Slice. As I said on the phone, “Keep on keepin’ on,” and the dude responded in kind. I was in Austin, anyway.

Then I called up Southside Flying Pizza, and this is the place where gluten-free magic happens –

Very Austin-like, yes? At Southside, they make their own gluten-free crust so you’re not getting something that’s been sitting in the freezer. It’s freshly made, and all their own. Which is probably why it looks fantastic and like a normal pizza crust, but taste more like an artisan bread. This could be considered awesome, unless you’re in the throes of “Give me traditional pizza crust now, bitches!” like I was. Still, mad props for the homemade gluten-free crust. Hell, mad props for anyone trying to get the gluten-free up in here. So if you’re feeling like you want some fancy gf crust, this is your spot.

Home Slice, I’m waiting.

Have you had fantastic gluten-free pizza in Austin? Do tell.


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10 responses to “Gluten-Free Pizza in Austin: Southside Flying Pizza + Potential

  1. Oh, how I miss really good pizza. I’m still looking for fantastic gluten-free pizza in Atlanta. I’ll keep up the search here!

  2. That looks magical. The GF pizza in Chicago is pretty good, but that looks even better! Nom nom nom!

  3. I’ve had GF pizza at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse {a chain} and I really liked the thin crust

  4. colowyokan

    I haven’t yet found a GF pizza that was worth buying over and over again although there is a small place in old town Lawrence, KS that makes a pretty decent pizza. However, my husband makes an awesome GF pizza crust and he’ll customize it any way I want😀

  5. Celina

    I live in Austin! Thanks for letting me know about Southside Flying Pizza. I used to always go to Homeslice. 😦 I’m still waiting for GF there too. Thanks for the tip. I’m always looking for places I can eat out.

  6. Amy

    Try Promise Pizza!!!!!!! There are a couple locations in the Austin area. Their gluten free crust is delicious….and….they even have vegan cheese if you are also dairy free. They do local and organic too. I love it! My fave is their homemade chicken sausage, onion, jalapeno and sometimes mushroom.

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