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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving: Snacks!!!

There’s that one part of Thanksgiving day when you’ve got the turkey cooking, and are an hour + away from starting the sides when your tummy gets a little rumbly. Me? I could eat cheese and gluten-free crackers all day, every day. But some people like a little variety in their noshing. Bring on the Snackens!

After trying a variety of gluten-free appetizers because hey, it’s my job, I decided on these three super delish munchies that don’t compete with your turkey and variety of ‘taters. The maple pecan popcorn was already gone before dinner, and the spiced nuts would have been had I not hidden them from myself. (Spiced nut tip:  Use blanched almonds for a more intense flavor.) These three yummerific treats are going to be very popular amongst the gluten-loving and the gluten-hating. Heck, you can throw these holiday-friendly snacks out anytime between now and the new year and feel totally like a gluten-free bad ass. Which is what I feel like right now as I finish off my gluten-free crostini with pesto. Bad. Ass.

Try ’em, you’ll like ’em!

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