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How to Cook Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Turkey Two Ways

Okay, so this is chicken. Because how many turkeys was I supposed to make in one month? Really?

Turkey. It’s the elephant in the room, that is actually a bird, that you eat. The least exciting, yet most important, part of your Thanksgiving meal; attention must be paid. Especially for those of us who have the sprue, because turkeys can be easily contaminated with that devil gluten, and you’ll wind up in the bathroom all night long and not because Aunt Sylvia called you a fat communist again during Thanksgiving dinner.

So take care when prepping that hulking bird, and remember two important things:  Always gluten-free your stuffing; and skip the flour for crispy turkey skin. Now, how about you check out two delicious ways to prep that turkey? One of which, is almost like practicing medicine! Continue reading


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