You’re Going to Pasadena!

gluten free expoAll right gluten-haters, it’s time to announce those lucky winners of the CDF EXPO passes this Sunday, June 8th in sunny Pasadena! Get ready to cry:

awwecarebear, you’re going to Pasadena!

Amy, YOU’RE going to Pasadena!

Leslie, you’re also going to Pasadena!

Lisa, guess what? You’re going to Pasadena

Ali, knock, knock. Who’s there? PASADENA

So if your email is not included down there, shoot me a note at and I’ll get your deets to the right people.  Then you can come by, I can fill you in on all things gluten-free Ireland, you can score free samples from the amazing exhibitors, and oh yeah – guess what I just found in my closet? MORE OF THESE!!!

gluten is my bitch buttons


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9 responses to “You’re Going to Pasadena!

  1. Kristin Haines

    I sooooo want one of those buttons! They are awesome!!!

  2. OMG I HAD NO CLUE there was an Allergy Expo in Pasadena this weekend!! DARN IT!!!!!!!! I LOVE THOSE THINGS because I am ALLERGY CENTRAL!

  3. Maria

    Can I still get tickets? I will driving more than four hours to attend to this and I don’t mind at all

    • Maria, I’m pretty sure you can but I don’t want to guarantee since I’m not the person in charge!!! You can always send me a message on my Facebook if you get there and can’t get in and I can see about smuggling you in.

  4. Victoria Sadler

    I want on of those F*uck Flour buttons. I can’t make it to Pasidena. How can I get one?

    Please and Thank you ,
    Victoria Sadler

  5. Ali

    Really!!! Thanks April. Looking forward to it. All the best for this participating in the event.

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