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Tell Me About Your Diagnosis

gluten-free-kid-celiac-diagnosisSo as I briefly mentioned, after flipping out over gluten-free fried chicken last week, my daughter is getting tested again for celiac. It’s 100% true that this year, in comparison to two years ago, is definitely an easier pill to swallow. I know more, she knows more, we’re all like, “Okay, just tell us what’s up.” Still.

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The Real Deal With Gluten-Free Cheerios

gluten-free cheeriosHello peeps! I’m freshly back from Minneapolis where General Mills is cooking up some gluten-free business. If you took part in the lively Facebook thread, you know that GM is changing the way Cheerios are made and as of this fall, 5 varieties of Cheerios will be gluten-free: Original, Honey Nut (woot!), Multigrain, Apple Cinnamon and Frosted.

Naturally, those of us who have celiac disease and other intolerances, allergies, and darn good reasons to stay away from gluten, are wondering two things: Is it safe? How does it taste?

Well, I can answer one of those questions.

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Gluten-Free Travel Emergency Snack Bag: Part 1,059

gluten-free travelIt’s travel time, people. Spring Break is coming up, then summer and the next thing you know—BAM—the holidays. This means you need to be prepared if you drop dead, or barf a lot, or poop your pants, when you eat gluten. Any of those.

I’m heading to Minneapolis today to check out General Mills and what they’re laying down (Hint: it’s Gluten-Free Cheerios!!!!!!!!) so I’m packing all these goodies up in case I need some safe foods. Yes, it is a lot. And no, I probably won’t need it all since General Mills is taking care of gluten-free me and other GF peeps. Still, I do love carrying a sandwich around with me.

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You Can’t Please Everybody, or, That Time I Almost Poisoned a Dinner Guest

food allergy fuck upI had the pleasure of joining a group of ladies last weekend on a birthday trip out of town. I was the “new girl” which meant I wasn’t used to everyone’s stuff. Personal, medical, and food. Normally not an issue except for the fact that I was preparing dinner for the group first thing Friday night.

As I’m exploring on my side project, Bake Sales Are My Bitch, you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone with a food allergy/issue/whatnot. Of course I’m including myself in that cat swinging activity. Naturally when the call went out we had a fairly long list of food issues, well, for only 8 ladies. Again, I’m the celiac, and not blameless. And also super sympathetic, obvs. Still, the allergy to capsicum peppers was to be my Achilles heel.

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What To Give the Gluten-Free Grief Stricken


I actually somewhat cooked last night for the first time in forever because grief makes you somewhat non-functional. Which is why the tradition of bringing food to those who have had a tragic loss is such a great one. Also, food is awesome, as I discovered yet again when my amazing friends and community mitzvah meal’d, sent loads of See’s candies, and even had a chef prepare amazing gluten-free gourmet meals. Yes, I am #blessed to have people in my life who are ready and willing to take care of gluten-free me and my people in my hungry household.

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This Was My Mom


I started writing this last week, and have had trouble finishing. I know it’s just a blog post, but this is hard, you guys. XO, GIMB

I’m starting to feel the effects of the Xanax I popped as I sit by my mom’s side in her very calm, warm, peaceful room at hospice. Which is why I can write/type/whatever it is I’m doing right now. This was not my first choice of activities in 2015, but here I am. And here she is. And there she goes.

I’ve written here before about my mom more than once. Her unexplained decline, my “a-ha” moment of gluten ataxia, and how her brain damage has progressed to a depressing, and now deadly, point. So I feel I should finish the story and let you all know the ending. I guess you know the ending, actually, since it’s everyone’s ending.

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How Does Your Boss Feel About Gluten-Free You?

celiac and workplace discriminationHappy 2015, gluten haters! I do hope this year is like, one thousand times better than 2014, but hey, let’s see.

One thing happened that worries me about my cockamamie optimism, and that was a letter from a new reader who has a pretty serious issue post-celiac diagnosis. You know, other than that, “Oh hells, I’ve got celiac,” thing. An issue that I’ve never had, but I’m guessing some of you have, if not exactly on this level. This whole, “Don’t we need good people protecting us” level. On a “Oh, hey, this seems like a HUGE mistake” level. Let me just quote this man who has bravely served the U.S. of A.:

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