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Everything I’m Doing Wrong on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet

What. The. Kale.

What. The. Kale.

If you’re like me—and for your sake, I really hope you are not—you’ve got one of those fancy autoimmune diseases that seems to act up at the most inopportune moments. Like, Mondays. Or Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Okay, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays too. The biggest problem with battling an autoimmune disease is that you have the obvious signs—in my case, pooping, sharting, joint pain, gut pain, skin disasters, fatigue and serious crank—and the not at all obvious signs. Is that headache related to the stress grinding at night, or something else? What about that fatigue and irritability? Could that be grief and stress and unresolved childhood issues? Or do I have something else up in my autoimmune? Hmmm.

So when my friend Beth over at Tasty Yummies started down the path to wellness by committing to the autoimmune protocol diet for a month, I thought I should give it a try too. It’s time to solve any issues that are solvable without therapy and/or more costly dental work. And Beth made her journey sound so rewarding, if not challenging. Which, I mean, when you’re giving up basically everything and asked to enjoy organ meats . . . Anyhoo. I’m trying it.

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Gluten-Free Santa Monica: True Food Kitchen

gluten-free-restaurant-santa-monicaHoly hell, I wish this restaurant was much closer to my couch. True Food Kitchen is basically my most favorite restaurant for two big reasons. Maybe three. One, SO MUCH GLUTEN-FREE. And it’s amazing. Did you see this dip? Those are gluten-free triangles of bread, freshly toasted and totes delicious. There was kale and avocado up in that, and my super picky 6-year-old was all, “Is this guacamole?” and ate most of it. That reason alone would make me dine there twice a week.

Two. I don’t have pictures here, because we were leaving a school event and needed cocktails, but they have super healthy juices and fizzy healthy drinks that make you think you’re all powerful. I LOVE THOSE DRINKS. Why aren’t they down the street from me? Why must I travel an hour to Santa Monica? That’s not right.

Three. My husband is a super healthy eater in spite of all of my efforts to the contrary. Both of us find dishes we love here. And the fact that they know how to do everything gluten-free. Like this pizza— Continue reading

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Tales From the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo & Conference

IMG_0519It’s Celiac Awareness month, you guys. And that means no better time for the informational, yet delicious, kick in the pants that is the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo. As an “official” blogger I was all up in the business of all of it and now I’m here to share the fun. As much fun as one can have when discussing a disease that prohibits deliciousness. Still, I heard there were Schar gluten-free croissants at breakfast!

That’s right, I heard. Because I thought I’d take another half hour to sleep in and have breakfast at my house instead of showing up early. The early bird gets the croissant, apparently. PHHHHHPT. I’ll be waiting patiently at my local grocer for those because I heard they were pretty danged good. Let’s break down the rest of the biz. Continue reading


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Ask a Gluten-Free Blogger: Celiac Disease Foundation Conference This Weekend!

2015Conference-celiac-disease-foundationHey gang!

I’m very excited to be headed to Pasadena again this weekend for the annual Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo. As one of the very super duper official bloggers (I may have made up that title) I’ll be roving around, attending panels and speeches and seeing what all is new in the celiac and gluten-free world. I’m still hoping for flaky croissants. A girl can dream.

If you’re in the area, please do stop by! And if you see me, ask if I have any swag because I’ll be toting just a few items with me including t-shirts, tote bags and if I can find any of those Fuck Flour buttons at the bottom of a drawer I’ll have those too. I have very limited quantities, so the first person who asks, will receive. This is me— Continue reading


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What The %^*# Is Going On With My Kid?

Beautiful Burger Eater

Beautiful Burger Eater

So good news, my little lady is not testing positive for celiac right now via the blood test! After I told her we high-fived and I gave her a package of Ritz crackers. I sure do miss that buttery crunch. And thank ALL of you for weighing in with your crazy stories about diagnosis, or lack of. It makes being on this unpleasant ride a little bit less lonely. And, jeez, what craziness that goes on with this sprue.

But even with this all clear (for now), still there’s some bad news. And that bad news basically breaks down to this: What the &%*$^!!??

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Gluten-Free Party Time: Canapés & Pigs In a Blanket

gluten-free-appetizersBreak out the canapés, bitches, it’s time to get your gluten-free apps on.

When’s the last time you heard the word “canapé” much less eaten/made one? I’m now fully obsessed with making every single canapé in the old school Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book from 1950. It’s become my “thing.” By “thing” I mean, I’m cutting gluten-free bread into designs and stocking my kitchen with toast beds. Yes, I DO know how to have a good time.

It’s not only the canapés in the Betty Crocker book I’m honing in on, it’s actually all of these classic appetizers. I mean, look at these!

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Tell Me About Your Diagnosis

gluten-free-kid-celiac-diagnosisSo as I briefly mentioned, after flipping out over gluten-free fried chicken last week, my daughter is getting tested again for celiac. It’s 100% true that this year, in comparison to two years ago, is definitely an easier pill to swallow. I know more, she knows more, we’re all like, “Okay, just tell us what’s up.” Still.

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