Super Awesome Food Gifts for the Gluten-Free (+ Black Friday Deals!)

gluten-free-holiday-giftsIt’s the holidays, ya’ll! And we’re HUNGRY. Sometimes hangry. And what with all that flour-y food showing up everywhere, it can be a rough, and not so jolly time. That’s not the way the holidays should go down, gosh dingily darnit!!!

Luckily I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’ve been hunting down some gluten-free goodness that makes great holiday gifts for the gf people in our lives, or that we can shove down our own dang gullets. But first, buy these books –

GlutenIsMyBitchYep, it’s a good one.


Ooooh, check out all of these recipes!

And if you want to send someone yum food (with my books, natch) here are my top gluten-free food gift picks for 2015. Check it.

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It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Season with America’s Test Kitchen!

gluten-free-holiday-baking-americas-test-kitchenIt’s the most wonderful time of the year for eating tons of delicious baked goods and not giving a damn what your crossfit instructor would have to say about that! Of course, for us celiac and intolerant types we still have omit that tasty gluten when we bake up a batch of goodness to share with our family, and/or eat ourselves while watching Lifetime holiday movies. No judgement here.

Which makes it the absolutely PERFECT time to grab the newest from America’s Test Kitchen, The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook: Volume 2! It’s chock full of delicious recipes, you guys. So many my 6-year-old and I folded down almost all the corners and I vowed to bake that kid everything from to apple pie to bagels. And I will. Oh, I will.

The thing I love most about America’s Test Kitchen recipes is simply the amount of research and testing that goes into every single project. The description of how they came up with their gluten-free whole grain flour blend alone made my head spin, in the best possible way. And every recipe in this book explains why it works and the testing process, as well as what might happen if you used another all-purpose gluten-free flour blend. These are fool-proof recipes which helps all of us who are struggling to make “real” cookies for a larger audience. Because we are trying to convert EVERYONE to be gluten-free, right? Right???!!! (Pssst, don’t tell the norms.)

The ATK folks have also included dairy-free substitutions (also rigorously tested) as well as a primer on gluten-free grains for those of us who want more options around our table.

I decided to first try the Pecan Bars since I was on bake sale duty at my kid’s school. I don’t want to make something for people who eat gluten that tastes wildly different when you remove that element, and these pecan bars totes did the trick. Here they are on their way to the bake sale—

gluten-free-holiday-bakingMy kids were super upset when they left the house and were only calmed when I brought home some other mom’s treats in their place. And my husband is demanding I make these for Thanksgiving, which I totally will.

The ATK people provided me with a scale, which I’ve never used before in baking but totally loved. I realize this is the wonkiest thing to say EVER, but weighing my brown sugar vs. wondering if I packed it properly kind of changed my life.

I know. I should really get out more. Luckily they provide both weights and measures so you are not required to have that kitchen scale, but I heart mine.

I also love knowing something is going to turn out great just by following a recipe, which is what ATK is all about. These bars were the yummest and I can’t wait to get up in those gluten-free bagels.

My suggestion to you is to buy this book for yourself, and make a batch of basically anything in here to give out to everyone on your holiday gift list. Win/win/win/win/win. Continue reading


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Spooky Gluten-Free Halloween Treats From Last Year

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

Why is it that every holiday sneaks up on me like that fifth G&T by the pool? (Note: That’s not actually ever happened, only because I don’t have a pool.) This year it’s Halloween and instead of working out new and fun gluten-free treats, I’m relying on last year’s because Halloween ALSO crept up on me last year and I made these fun eats on Halloween, thus not posting them on my Internet.

I kind of suck at pre-holiday posts. Let’s just say it.

Luckily, these gluten-free spooky treats do not suck, and are super easy to make! Although, again, due to my procrastination, I don’t have an exact recipe for any of them (although most don’t need them) because I also can’t remember my inspiration/the Pinterest page/who told me to make these last year. But I’m confident I can walk you through each and every one and you will wow them on Saturday. GOOD LUCK. Continue reading

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It’s a Gluten-Free Kale Dinner for Food Day 2015!

gluten-free-kale-dinner-food-dayAlso, I lost a bet. Or rather, my husband won a bet. And I will dissect that little bit of crazy later. Because first, it’s Food Day 2015!

Yes it’s true, every day is food day at my house, but October 24th is the day bloggers, activists, and people who love food (umm, all of us, yes?) join together to raise awareness about food policies as well as eating happy, healthy, sustainable and all those good things. Fighting obesity, adding healthier options, and reducing our footprint are all goals on Food Day, and we hope to learn a few things we can use throughout the entire year of food. Food Year, if you will.

The #FoodDay2015 theme is “Toward a Greener Diet” so I’m jumping in and showing you how you too can eat an entire meal using kale as the main ingredient! I mean, what’s greener than kale, amirite? Also, it works out because we had a family Emmy pool and my husband won. Yep, he asked me to make an entire meal from kale. You know what I would have won? A long weekend by myself in Paris. This pretty much explains our entire marriage.

So, kale! WE ATE IT. And everything was 100% amazing, from the perfect go-anywhere kale salad down to the black bean and kale brownies. My littlest picky eater loves the brownies so much I’m putting this recipe on heavy rotation. There’s so much kale up in here, you guys! Continue reading

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My Embarrassing Experiment in Crossfit Weeks 2 & 3: Is Cocaine Gluten Free?

I've been pretending spaghetti squash is actually spaghetti.

I’ve been pretending spaghetti squash is actually spaghetti.

I can’t believe I’m still doing this either. But I’m now on week 4 of the 6-week crossfit challenge and I find myself still totally in. I mean, I complain about it and usually miss my 9 am class because I’m arguing with myself whether a “real” feminist would be so concerned with how she looks. But I find myself slinking in to the 8 pm class or even worse—planning on going to the 5 am—to make sure I don’t miss a day. WHO AM I????? Plus, I HATE CROSSFIT.

I’ve also figured out why people who do crossfit are always asking other people to do crossfit: It’s so they’ll know what a badass you are what with the weight lifting, pull-ups, painful squats with weights and other crazy things you find yourself doing and wondering if you could make it on American Ninja Warrior. So, yeah, week 3 is the one where I almost threw up.

But I didn’t! Win. Week 3 is also when I realized the whole Paleo diet is all about taking away every single vice you have.  Continue reading


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We Try Everything Gluten-Free & Pumpkin Spiced So You Don’t Have To


Happy Fall Holidays, people! That time of year when YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THE PUMPKIN. While I respect the fed-up who say they will not allow a pumpkin flavored crumb to touch their lips, I decide to double down when Barbara’s sent me their Puffins limited edition pumpkin cereal and just see how much gluten-free pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and pumpkin rando foods I could eat! I also made my family, and here’s what we thought.  Continue reading


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Homeless With Food Allergies: What The Heck?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: My biggest fear as a celiac is being put in prison and having no gluten-free meals. This is why I never kill people or rob banks, mostly. I also have anxiety about hospital stays, earthquakes (although I have a solid plan about grabbing a bag and throwing ALL the food into it before I even go for the photo albums) and other natural disasters that could put me at the mercy of food donations that are filled with gluten, and therefore guaranteed to make me violently ill in the middle of a crisis. I’ve also talked about working in food banks where I see loads of gluten being handed out and thanking the maker that I’m on the side of the table that’s giving, not receiving.

Fun stuff, right?

While I can sit around and stress out about what might be for me someday, but most likely will not (okay, that earthquake thing is inevitable, but let’s stop talking about prison, ‘kay?), something happened to hit the point home about being vulnerable when you have food issues or allergies.

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