Am I Getting Gluten-Free Worse?

Mad Chillin'

Mad Chillin’

Somebody hold my hair.

Duuuudes. Something is up. And I’m so not happy about it. Or, I’ve just had some bad luck for the last 9+ months. Not sure which.

I believe it is clear that there’s no way I would have gone through the autoimmune protocol diet if I hadn’t been hurting. I’ve been hurting. And my last visit with my hot GI doc had him saying, “How can I convince you to not dine out?” Well, never. Because I like to hang out with friends, and eat new things and have a good time.

But the fact is, I have not been okay. So I did the autoimmune protocol diet and the one day I was not on point I got seriously sick. While I was adding foods back into the diet (because eggs and gluten-free grains, really?) I felt fine. But dairy was iffy and eating outside of my house was a nightmare, even if I skipped dairy and sugar and things. So, yeah. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free New York: Del Posto, Buvette, Friedman’s & The Usuals

gluten-free-new-york-cityI just went on a short vacation and I didn’t get sick once! Huzzah! I’ve said it before, but I’m always so shocked at how gluten-free friendly New York City has become. Look at that plate of yum from my former neighborhood hang—Habana Outpost. I used to eat there once a week or more, and I wasn’t even gluten-free. I miss those platos.

You know, LA really needs to get it together. It shouldn’t be so hard for me to find new options, California. Anyhoo! Here’s where you need to eat if you’re g-free in the cit-tay. Continue reading


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Breaking Down the Autoimmune Protocol Diet

IMG_8556Oh boy. Food issues really suck it, don’t they? There are times like right this second, and yesterday, and most days, when I wish I could be just a regular ol’ American eating my way through fast food joints and truck stop foods. I would gladly sacrifice my waistline for some unbridled eating time all over town. But that, my friends, is simply never going to happen. PHHHHPT!!!!!


It’s been two weeks (except for this weekend in NYC, which was AMAZING) now that I’ve been eating according to the autoimmune protocol diet and I’ve sorted a few things out. One, my stomach is all, “Oh, hi. I feel normal! What’s that about?” And after several months of mostly on, a little bit off, stomach pain and blasting poops, this is nothing short of amazing.

Still, I think we can all agree that one cannot eat this way for the rest of her life. Or well, I can’t eat this way the rest of my life. I am learning a lot, of course. Some good, some bad, some meh. While I am truly grateful for this time kind of detoxing and identifying problems, I’m also super sad about some discoveries. Let’s talk about those discoveries, shall we? Yes, let’s. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free America: Sizzler

gluten-free-sizzler-americaLook at these happy people! You guys, there’s no better way to celebrate a successful school production of “Annie” than by bellying up to the unlimited salad bar at the Sizzler. Plus, I’ve been driving by Sizzler wondering what gluten-free options they might offer. Doesn’t everyone?

gluten-free-sizzlerPssst, you can’t have this buttery and cheesey toast. And it will tempt you. Right there in all its glory.

Moving on.

I did have the added challenge of being on the autoimmune protocol diet, but I still did some research (ask for the allergen paperwork before you order) and my dinner companions wound up ordering some naturally gluten-free meals. So, actually, it seems that Sizzler is super gluten-free friendly. Not so much with the organic and non-processed, but hey, we can’t have it all, can we? Can we?

gluten-free-restaurantsThis is my sad salad because I was a little burned out on steak that day. I could have added steak and still been within the parameters (except for the grass-fed thing), but I just wasn’t feeling it. Please note that you cannot have the bacon bits. And more things, but no bacon is very important information.

This is what I would have ordered had I been able to enjoy potatoes and dairy.


gluten-free-sizzler-americaAnd then the hubs ordered the fish, because he’s always two healthier steps ahead of me. But the salmon DOES have wheat, according to the nutrition information. So, avoid that fish, and every other fish because apparently all seafood dishes contain wheat for some odd reason.

As with most restaurants, just keep it simple people. You don’t want to start adding stuff to your never-ending salad plate only to discover you’ll be in trouble later. Still, it’s good knowing that if Sizzler is the option for me, I can cram steak down my gullet with abandon.

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Everything I’m Doing Wrong on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet

What. The. Kale.

What. The. Kale.

If you’re like me—and for your sake, I really hope you are not—you’ve got one of those fancy autoimmune diseases that seems to act up at the most inopportune moments. Like, Mondays. Or Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Okay, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sundays too. The biggest problem with battling an autoimmune disease is that you have the obvious signs—in my case, pooping, sharting, joint pain, gut pain, skin disasters, fatigue and serious crank—and the not at all obvious signs. Is that headache related to the stress grinding at night, or something else? What about that fatigue and irritability? Could that be grief and stress and unresolved childhood issues? Or do I have something else up in my autoimmune? Hmmm.

So when my friend Beth over at Tasty Yummies started down the path to wellness by committing to the autoimmune protocol diet for a month, I thought I should give it a try too. It’s time to solve any issues that are solvable without therapy and/or more costly dental work. And Beth made her journey sound so rewarding, if not challenging. Which, I mean, when you’re giving up basically everything and asked to enjoy organ meats . . . Anyhoo. I’m trying it.

Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Santa Monica: True Food Kitchen

gluten-free-restaurant-santa-monicaHoly hell, I wish this restaurant was much closer to my couch. True Food Kitchen is basically my most favorite restaurant for two big reasons. Maybe three. One, SO MUCH GLUTEN-FREE. And it’s amazing. Did you see this dip? Those are gluten-free triangles of bread, freshly toasted and totes delicious. There was kale and avocado up in that, and my super picky 6-year-old was all, “Is this guacamole?” and ate most of it. That reason alone would make me dine there twice a week.

Two. I don’t have pictures here, because we were leaving a school event and needed cocktails, but they have super healthy juices and fizzy healthy drinks that make you think you’re all powerful. I LOVE THOSE DRINKS. Why aren’t they down the street from me? Why must I travel an hour to Santa Monica? That’s not right.

Three. My husband is a super healthy eater in spite of all of my efforts to the contrary. Both of us find dishes we love here. And the fact that they know how to do everything gluten-free. Like this pizza— Continue reading

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Tales From the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo & Conference

IMG_0519It’s Celiac Awareness month, you guys. And that means no better time for the informational, yet delicious, kick in the pants that is the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo. As an “official” blogger I was all up in the business of all of it and now I’m here to share the fun. As much fun as one can have when discussing a disease that prohibits deliciousness. Still, I heard there were Schar gluten-free croissants at breakfast!

That’s right, I heard. Because I thought I’d take another half hour to sleep in and have breakfast at my house instead of showing up early. The early bird gets the croissant, apparently. PHHHHHPT. I’ll be waiting patiently at my local grocer for those because I heard they were pretty danged good. Let’s break down the rest of the biz. Continue reading


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