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I’ve Got 99 Problems & They’re All Related to Gluten

gluten-free-cheat-sheet-giveawayWhen one writes a book such as The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less, one goes through an editing process. It’s true! Not every word I write is brilliant or spelled correctly. Shhh! Don’t tell anybdy.

Sometimes words are removed that you feel need to still be said. So I am offering you, my awesome blog readers, one of my favorite sections that did not make publication. Still, the rest of the book is GREAT and should totes buy it. For your reading pleasure, the lost section titled “I’ve Got 99 Problems & Gluten Is the Biggest One.” Enjoy. Or not. Maybe you agree with my editor.  Continue reading


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5 Days of Giveaways: You Can Call Me . . .

whole 30 lessonsIt’s the 4th day of this wacky contest where any of you could win my new bookThe Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less and I so appreciated all of the lunch guesses in this win my book competition. I wish I HAD gotten Zankou because, YUM. And I was also impressed with the In ‘n’ Out guesses because that was in my head, and it was just a last minute time thing that had me veer in a different direction. Well played, my readers. Well played.  Continue reading


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5 Days of Giveaways: What Am I Having for Lunch?

giveaway-gluten-free-cheat-sheetYes, that is really the question of the day to win a copy of The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less. It’s Day 3 and it’s getting real. But first, let’s meet yesterday’s winner! Continue reading


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5 Days of Giveaways: Gluten-Free for the Easily Offended

gfcheatsheetimgHey gang! At the end of this week those of us in the U.S.A. will be celebrating our independence from the United Kingdom. A fact that is hi-lar-ious to my 9-year-old anglophile who adores Harry Potter and can’t imagine anything going awry between our country and the UK due to our “special relationship.” But that’s not what I’m here to talk about, even though I’m fantasizing about sparklers and gluten-free cheeseburgers coming up ASAP.

This week is also the week where I give away copies of my brand new book, The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less. I went with less, given my horrifying stomach pain and distress. But you do you.  Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Sugarfish

gluten-free-sushi-los-angelesYes, I realize I just complained in a big whiny way about not being able to eat out anymore, and wow, do you guys also have some stories!!! I’m feeling for all of us right now. Which is why I’m kind of digging this new way of thinking about dining out up in here. Up in my belly.

We all know you have to rely on your server, the chef, and anyone else who comes within spitting distance (nice visual, yes?) of your food. The more ingredients on your plate, the more opportunities for a lil’ gluten to slip in. Which is why I’m thinking when I dine out from now on, I minimize my chances of getting an extra serving of gluten in my meal by going simpleContinue reading


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Breaking Down the Autoimmune Protocol Diet

IMG_8556Oh boy. Food issues really suck it, don’t they? There are times like right this second, and yesterday, and most days, when I wish I could be just a regular ol’ American eating my way through fast food joints and truck stop foods. I would gladly sacrifice my waistline for some unbridled eating time all over town. But that, my friends, is simply never going to happen. PHHHHPT!!!!!


It’s been two weeks (except for this weekend in NYC, which was AMAZING) now that I’ve been eating according to the autoimmune protocol diet and I’ve sorted a few things out. One, my stomach is all, “Oh, hi. I feel normal! What’s that about?” And after several months of mostly on, a little bit off, stomach pain and blasting poops, this is nothing short of amazing.

Still, I think we can all agree that one cannot eat this way for the rest of her life. Or well, I can’t eat this way the rest of my life. I am learning a lot, of course. Some good, some bad, some meh. While I am truly grateful for this time kind of detoxing and identifying problems, I’m also super sad about some discoveries. Let’s talk about those discoveries, shall we? Yes, let’s. Continue reading


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Tales From the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo & Conference

IMG_0519It’s Celiac Awareness month, you guys. And that means no better time for the informational, yet delicious, kick in the pants that is the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo. As an “official” blogger I was all up in the business of all of it and now I’m here to share the fun. As much fun as one can have when discussing a disease that prohibits deliciousness. Still, I heard there were Schar gluten-free croissants at breakfast!

That’s right, I heard. Because I thought I’d take another half hour to sleep in and have breakfast at my house instead of showing up early. The early bird gets the croissant, apparently. PHHHHHPT. I’ll be waiting patiently at my local grocer for those because I heard they were pretty danged good. Let’s break down the rest of the biz. Continue reading


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