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Gluten-Free Party Time: Canapés & Pigs In a Blanket

gluten-free-appetizersBreak out the canapés, bitches, it’s time to get your gluten-free apps on.

When’s the last time you heard the word “canapé” much less eaten/made one? I’m now fully obsessed with making every single canapé in the old school Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book from 1950. It’s become my “thing.” By “thing” I mean, I’m cutting gluten-free bread into designs and stocking my kitchen with toast beds. Yes, I DO know how to have a good time.

It’s not only the canapés in the Betty Crocker book I’m honing in on, it’s actually all of these classic appetizers. I mean, look at these!

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7 Layer Tamale Dip From Del Real = #RealFlavor

7 layer tamale dipI just hashtag-ed a headline! There is a first time for everything and that was it. Also, a first time for me working with Del Real and creating the most insane party food OF ALL TIME. Yep, this 7 layer tamale dip is coming back during holidays, office parties and anytime I want to shove some amazing down anyone’s throat. And it’s naturally gluten-free, BAM.

But the real deal? SO EASY. This is how you do it with your friends from Del Real. It’s chow time. Continue reading


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What’s Your Damage: Gluten & Dairy Free Appetizers

gluten-free dairy-free partyIt’s true that shoving cheese in your face is kind of the world’s best appetizer. Well, unless dairy makes you double over and wish you were dead. Then, it’s the world’s WORST appetizer. But for those of you who are gluten- and dairy-free, you already knew that.

So I sorted out how to make the gfdf crowd feel like, “Whoooo! There’s a party!” without all the gas. DONE.

I will admit that I kind of shoved the pesto pizza all up in my mouth before anyone else could get it. Sorry everybody, but that Kinnikinnick gluten-free dairy-free pizza crust right out of the oven? Damn, it’s crispy. The pesto spread makes it super flavorful and dunking it right into the marinara makes it the perfect appetizer.

Saddled up next to that magic are the Schar’s Italian bread sticks (gfdf, natch) wrapped in proscuitto. Yes, Italians can still eat gluten- and dairy-free, my friends. And eat well. What’s that next to tha’ sticks? Sure, you may say popcorn is easy peasy, but this is a very special popcorn. Popcorn Indiana makes a sriracha popcorn (gfdf, see a pattern?) that you could probably sort out how to make yourself, but hey, buy it and you  have more time to relax before the par-tay.

And finally, that hunk of char you see up there is actually a super delicious cauliflower bake. I’ve been seeing all of these recipes for roasting up a full head of cauliflower and I tried this one. The recipe says to roast it for an hour to an hour and a half, but it was so charry after 45 minutes, I just had to pull it out of the oven. It was good. Dang good. And guess what? GFDF, mother scratchers!

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A Gluten-Free Snackadium for the Big Game

gluten-free snackadiumI don’t know much about the pigskin, but I know a lot about junk food and that people apparently enjoy it in spades during the Super Bowl football game. That’s right, yes?

I discovered how epic Super Bowl snacks could actually be during my day job as an editor at Mom.me when Pillsbury introduced me to the Snackadium. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course I was also filled with a jealousy as intense as a thousand suns, and you know what happens when I get jealous. I commandeer that shizzle and make it my own. These guys were pretty stoked about it, too.

gluten-free super bowl snacksThis is much easier than you might think, so don’t go giving me some kind of crazy credit for this monstrosity. Although if you see me out, a high-five might be in order. The only materials you’re going to need are six disposable mini-loaf pans, and a disposable cookie sheet (they’re smaller than normal cookie sheets). And four bowls, square glass containers, or whatever you have on hand. Then you just fill this stadium up! Here’s what I threw in the stands and on the field, and up in the nosebleed seats.

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Red Pepper Hummus from ‘Living Without’

pumpkin hummusI just can’t stop it with the pumpkin. I mean, I don’t want to stop. And maybe I shouldn’t. I can’t, I won’t, and I don’t stop. With the pumpkin. It’s kind of the perfect food, that while only appropriate for a limited time, is scarfed up like I’m a hog over a trough. A pumpkin trough. So imagine my joy when I busted open Living Without’s Best Gluten-Free Cook and went to town.

First of all, I made up the black rice cereal because wow, does it get boring with the gluten-free breakfast. But when I knew I had people coming over I decided it was time to cook to impress. This was my whole lay-out.

gluten-free appetizersI’m a firm believer in the fact that you can entertain without gluten. No, you can’t juggle dinner rolls, but you can serve up delish food, conversation, and always wine. Oh, so much wine. So the gluten-free Pumpkin Pepper Hummus was a winner. Pair it with Glutino’s GF bagel chips and and you’ll also hear (like I did), “This is all gluten-free? No way.”

The other fun addition here was sunflower seeds. You MUST buy the book and enjoy all of the fantastic gluten-free recipes from renown chefs, but here’s a sneak peek.

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Feast Your Eyes on Gluten-Free Holiday Grub Via Udi’s

gluten-free holiday appetizersSo I got to do something pretty cool last weekend. Udi’s, the people who make gluten-free breads, pastries, sweet treats, and other replacements for those of us intolerants, invited me to a cooking class here in Los Angeles. I don’t know why they might have thought I needed some boning up on my cooking, but I was STOKED. I learned some super cool knife skills and an easy way to chop an onion. I feel much more badass in the kitchen now.

Yes, that sign above is everything we made in an afternoon at Cook LA and all of that magnificence is gluten-free, you guys. Also, it was made by pros. Or rather Cook LA pros Chef Liz Alexanian and Chef Adam Brooks, me, some Udi’s employees, a couple other awesome bloggers, and Jackie, an Udi’s recipe winner who actually did have mad skillz, as she WON A CONTEST. I worked with the lovely Suzanne of Udi’s to churn out these Toasted Pistachio-Cheese Arancini Balls.

Photo by Susan Goldman

Photo by Susan Goldman

Oh to the em gee, everybody, these were amazing. Even though I did totally mess up by forgetting to double the recipe because I was way too busy chatting with all of the other lovely people. I got way too excited as I usually cook, alone, in my kitchen, talking to my dog. So I got distracted and jacked up the risotto a bit. Here I am saying, “I am such a dumbass!”

gluten-free holiday appetizersYet, those balls turned out quite well, if I do say so my own bad self. I’m totally stoked I now have a gluten-free recipe for those things, because it makes me so sad when I’m in an Italian restaurant and I can’t order the rice balls. You’re feeling for me right now, aren’t you? The plight of the ball-less GF’er. Michael Moore should make a documentary about the injustice of it all.

While we baked these balls in the oven on 350 until they were toasty brown (and then eliminated the step where you roll the rice balls in flour), this recipe calls for frying. If you’re concerned about making these healthier, simply bake ’em up. Otherwise deep fry those bad boys. Udi’s will have all of these delish recipes up on their site any second now, but in the meantime here’s how you can do what I did!

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Gluten-Free Christmas: Booze & Apps

Well now, doesn’t that look all Christmas-y? We trimmed that tree, and enjoyed some festive snacking yesterday so now I’m going to tell YOU how you can start your winter holiday season off with a gluten-free bang. Of course it involves booze and snacks. Of course it does.

One of my fave holiday snacks is the gluten-free cracker topped with smoked salmon, creme fraiche, and chives. It’s incredibly simple, and you’ll want to eat the entire plate-full. I recommend you share, but you don’t always have to take my recommendations as you are your own person and I respect that.

Next, I thought I’d get crafty while fantasizing about how many Pinterest shares I would get and did these Gluten-Free Peppermint Pretzel Sticks™. Not shockingly, my attempt at culinary craftiness did not go as smoothly as I anticipated, so this is exactly how many Gluten-Free Peppermint Pretzel Sticks™ I wound up with, instead of say, 50.

I tend to lose patience when I’m getting crafty also, which is just another reason I’ll never be a Pinterest star. Later I realized a nice ribbon around the shot glass would have really nailed it. Sigh. Still, I ate an entire shot glass full of white chocolate and peppermint covered pretzels. Eat your failures, people. Eat ’em up. They are delicious.

Anyhoo! There are so many fun things you can make for a tree trimming party. I just did three, however, and one of those thing was an incredibly strong cocktail, the Sazerac. Kind of like an Old-Fashioned, but without the gooey cherries, and with a lemon twist, a classic Sazerac can be served over a giant ice cube (you have those, right?) or straight up in a martini glass. I will say it goes very well with a shot glass full of Gluten-Free Peppermint Pretzel Sticks™.

Here’s how you can pair those yummy things together and fill yourself with some holiday cheer.

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