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A Rad GF Day in Portland with Kyra & Cupcakes

IMG_1488Yes, I am super lucky. I got to go to Kyra’s Bake Shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon (Portland adjacent, and Uber-able) and eat all of the things. But lest you think Kyra is only about cupcakes, let me fill you in on what happens when you’re like, “Oh, hey, lady! I know we talk a lot about hanging and eating, so show me what’s up in the PDX!”

Kyra brings it, ya’ll. And it’s not just cupcakes. But honestly, if you can ever get them, believe me they are the best things you’ll ever nom on. EVER. That, and the cinnamon roll, and the big pink cookie . . .

IMG_1492 . . . and basically every other dang thing up in that shop. If you’re ever in the general area of Kyra’s Bake Shop, do please go and stock up. I ate a cupcake after 4 days and it was amazing. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN IN OUR WORLD. But that’s only the beginning of my fabulous afternoon with Kyra.

I’m in Portland, Oregon for an extended visit and when I asked, a  load of you recommended Ground Breaker Brewing as a great gluten-free place to go and get my eat and drink on. Kyra also recommended we get our eat on there and wow, did we.

IMG_1482So, yeah, Ground Breaker is an all gluten-free brewery and eatery with amazing local, fresh, delicious ingredients and we basically tried everything in the entire restaurant. Why wouldn’t we????? We both had a gluten-free pulled pork sandwich and salami pizza with a seasonal salad, which clearly was not quite enough for us ladies, since we also enjoyed the fried chicken with collard greens, a ginger IPA which was insane, and dessert. Yes, I said dessert.

Because I didn’t get enough sweets at Kyra’s (ahem), I was also able to stuff all of this almond cookie, seasonal cherry dairy-free ice cream sandwich up in my face. Sugar coated chamomile buds and cherries included.

IMG_1487Yes, it was the shizz, why do you ask?

The point being, Kyra showed me an amazing time and before I leave Portland I’m heading back to see if she really exists, or if I dreamed all of that. Lunch, basically every delicious thing up in her bakery—


And a helluva good time.

You guys. Portland.


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How Many New Gluten-Free Products Are Out & About?

gluten-free-productsSO MANY.

You guys, let’s just get real for a minute. As someone who was diagnosed with celiac in 2011, it wasn’t long before the grocery store aisles were swimming in gluten-free everything. I was diagnosed at a time when the trend was gaining steam, and I’ve been very lucky to reap the gluten-free benefits. While we can make the argument that perhaps, restaurants, aren’t the safest even with the gluten-free menus, products that are all approved and that biz can be a blessing. And of course, a curse, when we’re talking about delicious donuts that are being served a few miles away from me. 5 pounds isn’t A LOT to gain on a tall frame, right? RIGHT???

I’m often sent new and exciting foods to try since I mouth off about being gluten-free and missing so many gluten-y things. This is great, and at the same time it’s really challenging to talk about them all, what with the children and the work and this adorable puppy—

What, am I just supposed to ignore this?

What, am I just supposed to ignore this?

But I’m going to do a round-up here of some of the ones I’ve really been into. As with most gluten-free foods, it’s hit or miss whether your grocery store will carry. But online is the way to shop if you’re dying for a new bagel/cooking oil/pasta. Continue reading


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I Tried the Gluten-Free Stout

gluten-free beerAnd now I’m drunk. Okay, not really, as I shared with my gluten-loving husband. More on what we thought about this one-and-only gluten-free stout that is also not even on the market, later. First, those of you who heard the story of how I came to possess this bottle. Yes, this bottle –

gluten-free beerare probably wondering why in the world I decided to drink it. After all, if someone you just met hands you a bottle of seemingly homemade gluten-free stout and says they just got it from some other guy who makes it, well, probably a good idea to be cautious. But a funny thing happened last weekend.

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5 Lessons From the Gluten-Free Oktoberfest

gluten-free oktoberfestYes. In case you were wondering, the Gluten-Free Oktoberfest in San Diego this weekend was awesome. Beer, brat, and nachos—all gluten-free, yo. Also? Super cool gluten-free folks who I felt honored to be manning tables next to, down the street from, across the aisle from and all of that. So yeah, awesome.

And I learned a lot! Like, five things, in fact. (Note: I was a little sloppy on the picture taking front, so I borrowed from Celiac and the Beast, Tasty Yummies, and Annie’s Gluten-Free Grub, aka, the coolest—and most prepared—gals on the scene.) Although this first pic? Oh yeah, I took that.

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I’m Going to Gluten-Free Oktoberfest My Lederhosen Off

gluten-free oktoberfestYes, that was an awkward headline, but I think it kind of says it all. You guys, there’s a mother-scratching gluten-free Oktoberfest in San Diego this Saturday! How much gluten-free beer do you think we can drink before we start saying how much we love each other? Let’s find out! (Cue Oomba Band!)

I’ve been checking out info from one of the organizers and it pretty much looks like we can eat and drink ourselves silly. When is the last time you went to a festival and could EAT AND DRINK EVERY GD THING? Never? I believe that would be never. Also, I’m totally going to be there selling books. Maybe giving some buttons out if you guys can recommend the best beer at the fest. Or find me a kielbasa on an awesome gluten-free bun. I don’t care. If it’s gluten-free I’ll eat, drink, or snort it.

So come on out (see flyer above) and get your gluten-free on. A million other amazing gluten-freers will be there and I can’t wait to shake their drunk hands. See you there!


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Oregon is Gluten-Free & Beautiful But You Already Knew That

gluten-free ashland oregonPortland! I am so almost right in the middle of your business. Not quite, but headed in that general direction. And I hope all of you people are too because I’m having that unbelievably fun book, eats, and drinks gluten-free party at Widmer Brothers Brewery this coming Thursday! 6pm, you guys. Be there or be so totally square. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this event. I WILL BE DRINKING BEER. And greeting the gluten-free as if I worked the door at Wal-Mart.

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Gluten-Free Father’s Day Whether He Wants it or Not

gluten-free father's dayLet’s face it, my husband is forced into a diet not of his choosing, and certainly not out of necessity. It seems to be a common thing in super supportive partners as I’ve met many of you all and your special friends who also go g-free. NICE.

So it’s only fitting that on Father’s Day I honor the dude who eats gluten-free pizza with glee, with a few of his favorite gluten-free dishes. Maybe the dad in your life will enjoy this biz as well! Try it, he’ll like it! Or at least pretend to, because he loves YOU. Win/Win.

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