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Tales From the Celiac Disease Foundation Expo & Conference

IMG_0519It’s Celiac Awareness month, you guys. And that means no better time for the informational, yet delicious, kick in the pants that is the Celiac Disease Foundation Conference & Expo. As an “official” blogger I was all up in the business of all of it and now I’m here to share the fun. As much fun as one can have when discussing a disease that prohibits deliciousness. Still, I heard there were Schar gluten-free croissants at breakfast!

That’s right, I heard. Because I thought I’d take another half hour to sleep in and have breakfast at my house instead of showing up early. The early bird gets the croissant, apparently. PHHHHHPT. I’ll be waiting patiently at my local grocer for those because I heard they were pretty danged good. Let’s break down the rest of the biz. Continue reading


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I Made My Husband Gluten Intolerant

gluten-free Indian foodIt’s a Tuesday night and the usual is happening. Kids are in bed, we’re previewing our DVR to see what we have to look forward to and getting ready to chow the hell down. Tonight it’s a homemade chicken masala with rice (hold the naan). I did decide to bake up some Brazi bites to go with our dinner, hoping it would make the naan-less Indian food somehow better. It did! For me. O.M.G. I love Brazi bites.

I would actually not know about whether or not my husband felt satisfied with the gluten-free version, because dude rarely complains about the diet that most of the household maintains. Also, I cook a heck of a lot more so naturally I’m not making gluten up in here. That’s just silly. But just last week my husband did actually have an issue, and it was 100% my fault. Or maybe 90%, 10% genetics. Or perhaps 60% me, 20% genetics, 10% processed wheat. Or maybe it was 90% processed wheat and 10% me. Oh, who am I kidding. It was totally me.

After three years of living with gluten-free me, my husband can’t really digest the gluten so well. We were out of town last week and dining it up and sure, he availed himself of the bread basket whenevs. No judgment from me. Hey, it’s not my kitchen and I say load up and party when you can, my friend. Then we got back to the hotel, and . . . not so much.

So yeah, I feel pretty bad. Not as bad as I do for me who really, really, really can’t ever gluten, but still BAD. If this man had not been enjoying the gluten-free life (or pretending to, because, come on) he would most likely still be munching away on breadsticks happy as a clam. Well, not a clam, because he’s kind of got a shellfish thing.

What I’m trying to say is, WEIRD. I know that I react much strongly now if I get cross-contaminated than I did before I cut gluten out of my diet and ate it every damn day. I mean, it’s brutal if I get gluten’d now and when I was shoving it up in my mouth I might have at least one day where I wasn’t on the pot 18 out of the 24 hours. I’m more sensitive now to gluten, it seems, and so is he. Bummer.

I owe that guy. I owe him.

Has this ever happened to you?

Oh, and here’s how to make that yummy winter dish!

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America’s Test Kitchen Goes Gluten-Free! + Giveaway!

gluten-free bread recipeThat’s a lot of exclamation points in one headline. But I kind of get excited when an institution like America’s Test Kitchen gets all up in our gluten-free business by publishing The How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook and creating their own ATK gluten-free flour blend. Woot! The experts are in the hiz-ouse.

These lovely folks sent me the book, a canister of pre-mixed gluten-free flour blend (do they know how lazy I am? I guess so) along with a solid bread pan. Which is why I just had to test out a bread recipe. Since I love the cheese so much I made their Cheddar Cheese Bread and wowza! This bread disappeared in like 5 minutes as my kids grabbed it right out of my hands before I even had a chance to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Since I hid two pieces behind my back, I was able to make myself a toasted turkey, cheese and arugula sandwich. I say toasted, because I just wanted a little buttery crunch instead of a melty mess since the bread was so light and nice. Lookee –

gluten-free cookbook giveawayI SWEAR there was more arugula in there. I’m not just trying to pretend I eat vegetables up in here. Anyhoo. This gluten-free bread was incredibly easy to make, and was ready in no time.

The thing I love about all of the ATK recipes is that they explain why a prep choice was made. In this recipe the instruction is to use a large hole box grater for the Parmesan and talked about why it was crucial. If that had not been there I guarantee you I would have grabbed the microplane. ATK makes sure you’re doing it right. Like your mother. It’s the mother of gluten-free cookbooks.

It really is great for those of us who have been slogging away at this gluten-free cooking thing for awhile, and newbies who may not get why certain things are done in the kitchen. Additionally it’s chock full of information about shopping, substitutions and why everything works. It’s just fab. You want one? Giveaway instructions at the bottom of this post!

Now, you’re probably wondering how you can get some of this gluten-free cheddar cheese bread right up in your mouth asap, right? Here’s how:

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Maple Bread Pudding is as Good as it Sounds

gluten-free pumpkin bread puddingDamn, peoples. I’ll be honest. I’ve cut out a lot of sugar in my life since that whole experiment. Even more dairy. Something happened last weekend, however, or two somethings. One, we went to a family dinner post-wedding where bread pudding was served. And two, PUMPKIN IS HAPPENING. Perhaps, you’ve heard?

I’ve decided to commit to making as much food with pumpkin in the next 45 days as possible. I’m just assuming you are too. It’s what we do in America once fall happens and we all lose our shit. Up first, gluten-free pumpkin bread pudding.

Something I actually do is buy a couple of sugar pumpkins and roast them, grab the seeds and do them up, then puree the hell out of it and make good bizness. This year, however, I’ve got less than zero time so I bought some organic pumpkin guts and went to town.

I also went to Rising Hearts and loaded up on gluten-free brioche because I wanted to do it right. Honestly, I think if you used another gluten-free white bread like Udi’s it would still turn out great, but I wanted to brioche it up. So I did! And wow, my entire family is flipping out about this recipe. It’s coming back. Soon.

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Gluten-Free Corn Dogs Are a Beautiful Thing

gluten-free corn dogsOh yes. These beauties made an appearance in my home this weekend, and I’m trying to figure out a way to justify making these on a regular basis. Homemade gluten-free corn dogs, you guys. CORN DOGS. Now, I just have to find out where I can buy those rectangular cheese bars so I can fry those up as well. Then I’ll be setting up my own Gluten-Free Hot Dog on a Stick booth in front of my house and leaving my day job behind. Because everyone will want in on this action and will drive all over LA to get them, amiright? Or maybe it’s just me.

Either way, we threw down some of this action this weekend and it was super delicious. I found a recipe on Gluten-Free Baking and then came home to realize I had gluten-free corn bread mix from Bob’s Red Mill, so I upended the recipe and it wound up looking, and tasting, yum to the yum yum. The GFB also offered some tips that were incredibly helpful no matter what recipe you’re using.

1. Dry your dogs then roll them in gluten-free flour to help everything stick correctly.

2. Use a very tall glass to hold the batter and then dip the dogs inside and swirl.

3. One tip the GFB had that did not apply to me, was to use tongs and don’t touch the sticks because they’re hot. My skewers were not hot at all. Either way, don’t test that theory by wrapping your paws around the sticks as soon as they’re out of the deep fat fryer.

4. One tip from me, be sure your deep fat fryer is well-filled so the dogs don’t hit the bottom or sides and stick.

5. Last tip: Enjoy the hell out of these gluten-free corn dogs.

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Fondue is CRAZY Good

Maybe you just don’t have enough pumpkins at the ready for your gluten-free Thanksgiving meal. Pick up one more and fill it with cheese. Go get it. I’ll wait.

Yep, I’m talking about cheese fondue in a pumpkin pot. Holy crikey, it’s good. Because what’s not to like about melted cheese baked in a pumpkin. And it’s actually not that hard, making me think this could be a really fun fall party staple. You basically clean out that pumpkin, and start to layer your gluten-free bread, cheese, and roux. Like this –

Don’t forget to save those pumpkin seeds and roast them up with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika. Then you’re all, “I used every part of this food! I rule!!!”

As for your dippin’s, I happened to have an extra steak lying around so I just went full heart disease and plunged that steak into my fondue, along with some gluten-free toasty bread, and a few vegetables. It’s especially lovely when you scrape the sides of the pumpkin and get cheesy pumpkin goodness. You know what? You can also just take a spoon to this and sit in front of your TV all day. Whatevs.



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Excited or Scared? Gluten-Free Bread by Dow

Does this gluten-free bread make me look fat?

Usually we’re all about fast forwarding the commercials after we’ve DVR’d the Housewives, but someone was slow on the draw (ahem, Aaron) and I wound up hearing something very interesting on the old telly yesterday. Have you seen this commercial? Continue reading


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