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Fun With an Adorable Gluten-Free Kid Breakfast

gluten-free breakfastOh noooos! It’s volcanic eggs!

How cute is this? I brought home a cookbook from work called “4 Ingredients Kids” and my two little budding chefs flipped through the pages picking out fun foods to make. I, of course, followed behind and was like, “I could g-free that. And that. But not that. Whoa.”

Since all you need for volcanic eggs to be gluten-free is some gluten-free bread, well, this one was easy peasy. And look how happy this guy is? Or, maybe preoccupied with how volcanic all of this is. Not sure.

gluten-free breakfast kids

My 7-year-old helped make these as I handed over the egg whites and the hand mixer and she went to town mixing until the stiff peaks formed. She also used a biscuit cutter on my gluten-free bread to make circles, and I just did the pre-heating of the oven and the assembling. Yes, we did have an adorable morning, why do you ask?

Here’s how you can do this thang.

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Gluten-Free Leek & Bacon Quiche: What’s In Your Box?

gluten-free quicheCSA box, that is. I’ve been super into leeks recently. Don’t look at me that way, it’s totally normal. So when a couple of big, long, green and white beauties showed up in my CSA box this week I thought, hmmm, why not make a quiche? Naturally, my next thought was, why not add bacon? Sure enough there was a recipe online I found that did just that, although in tartlet form. So I mixed it up and pulled out my pre-made frozen gluten-free pie crust from Whole Foods, and went to town. Wow, was it leek-a-rific. Okay, the bacon was not bad either.

If you want to substitute regular milk for the half-and-half, or go full cream, be my guest. It will be richer with the cream, but the bacon and leek deliciousness more than make up for the lack of milk fat. Do what you have to do, then enjoy this gluten-free quiche for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or second breakfast. No judgment. Well, except for my co-workers who have been screeching, “Who’s eating delicious breakfast?!?!?” at my office every day when I eat this up first thing.

Here’s how to inspire that kind of breakfast envy. Also, this is a crazy breakfast. Especially when you eat it every day for a week. Which I did. I said no judgment!

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It’s Gluten-Free Breakfast in America

Good morning, Americans! Last night was quite exciting, was it not? No matter if your guy won or lost, you’re probably rocking a hangover. What’s better than a ham, cheese, and egg  sammy? Gluten-free, natch. Yet again, I turned to my BFF, Pinterest for a fantabulous idea in the kitchen. (Side note:  Why do my photos never look as amazoids as those on Pinterest? Oh, right. I suck as a photog.)

My family enjoyed these gluten-free ham, egg, and cheese muffins of love early this morning because kids don’t stay up late for election returns and speeches, nor do they understand that we just “fell back” and they can sleep in for an extra hour. Silly kids. Pair these cheesy blobs with a strong cup of coffee and you too are ready to get up and embrace our new, but still the same, President Barack Obama. Woot!

Here’s how to soak up the celebratory and/or conciliatory alcohol in your gut.

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Gluten-Free Mother-In-Law Quiche With a Twist

After all, everyone has one. A quiche, recipe that is. It’s like you shouldn’t be allowed to have brunch if you don’t have your own quiche recipe in your back pocket. Even my six-year-old knows how to make a broccoli quiche, although for some reason hers has tons of gluten in it. On the gluten-free front, however, my mother-in-law has a new hot quiche number.

My MIL has been experimenting in gluten-free ever since I got the sad news about cake. Which is nice, when you feel like you’re the only one who is cooking without gluten in your family, and they just don’t understand, and they’re going to feel bad when you run away. Or something.

So my mother-in-law brought over this gluten-free quiche, that instead of going straight-up crustless, had a twist: Hash brown crust! So it’s like a breakfast buffet in your mouth. That sounds awesome, right?

Like any quiche recipe, you can add what you like. I chose to ham and cheese it up, because that’s how I roll. Please feel free to go veggie with the leeks, asparagus, really, whatever floats your gluten-free boat.

Here’s how you can get your own mother-in-law quiche. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffins for an Elephant’s Birthday

This elephant. You see, my daughter convinced me it was her elephant’s birthday yesterday, and Ellie the Elephant needed cake. It’s totally true, see the piece of paper with yesterday’s date on it? That’s proof, terrorist-style. Private school tuition at work, people! Check it.

Not one to deny a birthday treat to a stuffed elephant, I ransacked my cabinets for a gluten-free quickie. The first thing I grabbed was this chocolate chip muffin mix from Authentic Foods. I have exactly zero recall as to when I acquired this package of goodness, but I’m guessing it was one of my rampages through Whole Foods or the gluten-free store. I also found two boxes of gluten-free chocolate cake mix, one box of gluten-free pie crust, and about three boxes of random gluten-free cookies that cannot be okay after sitting in the back of my cabinet for god knows how long. Time for some spring cleaning, gluten-free style. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Banana Bread Muffins Better With Chocolate Chips

Isn’t everything, though? Making a pie? Throw some chocolate chips on top. Hiking solo with hopes on scoring a major movie deal where you are played by James Franco? Better put some chocolate chips in your trail mix, if you want to survive long enough to cut off your own arm. Basically, chocolate chips rule.

So when pulling together some banana bread muffins to take with us on our big President’s Day snow tubing (which I’ve never heard of, and cannot figure out how there is snow in Southern California, but I’m so totally game. Still, I HAVE NO IDEA HOW SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA WORKS.) trip, I thought I’d add them into an otherwise pretty basic recipe. Guess who is about to get applause in the car on the way to Mt. Baldy? Me. Or at least I’d better, or I’m turning this car around and no one will be allowed to see snow EVER AGAIN. Continue reading


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