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Gluten-Free Giveaway & Crazy Discounts From Love With Food!

gluten-free food box giveawayHappy freaking holidays, everybody! It’s time for the gifts. While I’m banking on a vacation package to somewhere awesome, I think getting a gluten-free delicious food box would also be pretty darn sweet. Well, two of you lucky people are going to GET THIS.

G-Free Foodie has partnered with Love With Food and she’s curating the gluten-free monthly subscription boxes! I love K.C. and she’s got an amazing eye for delicious food. So personally I’m pretty darned excited to get gluten-free chocolate, cake mixes, and whatever else she deems amazing every month. Love With Food are not only giving away two boxes of yum, but offering discounts for you guys as well until December 30th. 50% discounts, you guys. 50%! Do you want to know more about Love With Food and the magnificent box curated by G-Free Foodie? Of course you do.

 – Members will receive 8-12 Gluten Free snacks, mixes and treats every month, plus a newsletter and more.  Continue reading


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Happy Birthday KC & YOU Get A G-Free Foodie Box! (Giveaway)

g-free foodie box giveawayOkay, so LAST month was KC’s birthday month but I like to make it a seasonal celebration, so kids, I’m celebrating KC and the G-Free Foodie Box all summer, basically. If you  haven’t seen the G-Free Foodie box yet, take a gander at all of the amazing items KC curates for you, the g-free, every month.

gluten-free foodie box giveaway

Gang, I’ve never NOT used something in my box. She really gets what speciality items will make us swoon as well as what staples we can step up. Those cupcakes from Kyra’s Bake Shop mix above? Ummm, awesome. What I’m trying to say is get this box, suckers. You’ll love it.

It may be KC‘s birthday season, but we’re celebrating with a gift for you! First of all, discount code of awesomeness. Enter Code: HBDAYKC in the Comments box at www.foodieboxclub.com to Save $10 off your first monthly G-Free Foodie Box Club shipment or 10% off 3, 6 or 12 month memberships! Plus, score a Bonus Gift!

All of the boxes are gluten-free, and they are also available in GF + Dairy Free, GF + Nut Free, Top 8 Allergen Free, Paleo Friendly/Grain Free or Organic/non-GMO. Each box contains 5 full size products, plus recipes, serving ideas and a little something extra. Extra, people.

And for those of you want to test it out by getting a free one, just answer me this in comments: What would you most want to see in KC’s G-Free Foodie box? I’ll pick a winner next week!


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Gluten-Free Tiramisu Is Kind of Blowing My Mind

gluten-free tirimasu First of all I’m going to admit that I had no idea tiramisu was a no-cook dessert. Secondly, rum? Really, I enjoyed this delight for years before being gluten-free and I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS EATING. (Admittedly, that wasn’t the only thing I ever ate that could be described the same way.) The other thing I learned during my schooling about this Italian dessert was that Schar offered gluten-free ladyfingers! So I went for it. It was goooood, you guys. Just like I remembered it. Creamy, dreamy, coffee-y and lightly chocolate-y.

I used the recipe on the package, as otherwise I would have had to have come home with more than one package because most tiramisu recipes are about twice as large. So if you’ve got a fab dinner party with lots of gluten-free boozy guests, double this recipe and go to town!  It has also occurred to me that there’s probably no other use for ladyfingers besides tiramisu. Is that right?

Since this is a no-cook, please buy great quality eggs so no one gets the salmonella. What with your propensity for diarrhea, you do NOT want salmonella on top of it all.

On that note –

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Gluten-Free Kryptonite Kake for The Khildren

gluten-free superman cakeSo this super hero phase. It’s just unavoidable for a certain type of boy, and I’m pretty sure that not only do I have that type of little boy, but I like that kind of kid who leans towards the comics. So when I received The Official DC Super Hero Cookbook, I could not wait for my tiny dude to check it out.

Yeah, OK, I’ve made more recipe promises than I’ll probably keep.  But I did decide that the Fortress of Solitude Crystal Cake would be one I had to gluten-free sooner rather than later. I mean, do you see this face?

gluten-free superman cakeOMG you guys, it was sooooo much more labor intensive than it had to be. While the cookbook advised that you buy a white cake mix and make the rock candy at home, you’ve gotta’ reverse that. You see, there are some foods that you just do not need to make in your own house. Not only did it take over two weeks to even get a small amount of rock candy done, you need things like pencils, and paper clips and string to make this damn candy. This was it at two full weeks into the science experiment –

gluten-free rock candyI was growing things in my dining room, which is cool and all, but it doesn’t come out of there all that easily at the end of the growing period. Next time, I’m making a gluten-free white cake from scratch and buying the freaking blue and white rock candy. But just in case you’re curious, here’s how to make that candy. If you’ve got a much more patient 4-year-old than I have, it should be no problem.

OH, and you just sprinkle it atop a white cake with buttercream icing and get yourself a Superman toy/cardboard cutout/whatnot.

Rock Candy

adapted from The Official DC Comics Superhero Cookbook

Ingredients + Tools

6 cups of sugar
2 cups water
Blue food coloring

2 tall, clean glass jars (I used milk jars)
2 lengths of cotton string, each 2/3rds as long as the jar’s height (Ed note: That instruction should have stopped me in my tracks)
2 pencils or sticks
2 weights to hang on the string (paper clip, washer, something clean)

1. Pour 3 cups of sugar and 1 cup water into two saucepans (for a total of 6 cups sugar, 2 cups water)

2. Heat both mixtures to a boil, constantly stirring. Allow mixture to boil, but for a short time. Stir the sugar until it has completely dissolved. Add a few drops of food coloring to one saucepan.

3. Remove sugar mixture from heat and allow to cool for 15 minutes.

4. Set up your glass jars and pencils by tying the string pieces around the two pencils. Attach a weight to the bottom of the string.

5. Pour cooled clear sugar mixture into one jar, and the blue sugar mixture into the other. Drop the weight first into the center of each jar and rest the pencil across the mouth the of the jar.

6. Wait 7-14 days for sugar crystals to form. Remove string from jar, and chip rock candy off the string.

7. Realize what a huge waste of your time this was given the inexpensiveness of already formed rock candy that is ready as soon as you knock it off the stick.


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Gluten-Free Rainbow Cake in the House!

gluten free rainbow cakeNope, I can’t believe I did this either. Although when I show you the full-on photo you will see how I jacked it all up and realize that oh, yes, that seems more like April’s style. But let’s just bask in the amazingness of this gluten-free six layer rainbow cake that KICKS ASS. And actually is not that hard to throw together, believe it or not. That is, if you’re a normal person with loads of patience and realistic expectations of the hours in the day and such. But even if you’re like me and expect to whip up this masterpiece in a few hours before company comes over, it can be done. The first thing you do is head to the store and buy up all the gluten-free vanilla cake mix they have to offer.

I LOVE XO Baking Co.’s cake mixes, pancake mixes, buttercream frosting mixes—basically everything they do I am a huge fan of eating in mass quantities. Tragically, they did not have enough left at the gluten-free store so I had to use two different kinds of cake mixes. Which is fine, it’s just not as easy and I’m all about making things as easy as possible for you people (and of course, for myself.) You will need three regular gluten-free cake mixes for this recipe, or use one of your favorite cake recipes and triple that sucker. Now, let’s talk about frosting.

You can also go with three gluten-free frosting mixes from XO Baking Co., or you can triple one vanilla buttercream recipe (see below). Buttercream is so freaking good, and naturally gluten-free, but when you’re talking about this quantity you should really use a KitchenAid stand mixer. Says the girl who burned the motor out of her Cuisinart hand mixer whipping up this butter and powdered sugar magic.

Why yes I have been waiting until the last moment to discuss food coloring. Let’s all just work with the assumption that food coloring is not good for you. Apparently there are some food colorings out there that have gluten as well, though I have not yet stumbled across those vials of poison. McCormick’s food coloring is gluten-free so go forth and dye those vanilla cakes.

Now, let’s talk about how you can avoid this situation –

gluten free rainbow cake

It looks like I took that cake for a ride around Mulholland in a roadster. Much less exciting, I simply could not wait for one cake to cool before baking the next (I only have two 8″ rounds) and then started slapping that icing on way too soon. Hence, my crazy cake. So here’s what you need—it’s called patience. Always allow your cakes to cool completely. Level the top of each cake with a serrated knife, and add a crumb coating of icing to every layer and the top of the cake and allow the thin layer of icing to dry completely before you do the big final icing situation. Sure this kind of waiting means you’re hanging out with rainbow cake all day, but you get to hang out with rainbow cake all day.

Rather than be intimidated, just know this: You’re making three two-layer cakes and icing them. You simply divide these three cakes six ways, and dye each layer a different color. Sprinkles optional (but highly recommended). It really is that easy. Also note, if you allow the cakes to cool completely before leveling, icing and stacking it will look perfect. But even if you go all slap-dashery like I did, it still tastes magical.

Get your rainbow on.

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Sorry About This Gluten-Free Cinnamon Roll Cake

Start your apology engines, folks because we’re upon the highest holiday of the Jewish new year. Or something. All I know is I’ve got to say I’m sorry about a few things, and I’ll start with this gluten-free cinnamon roll cake. You see, I saw this beautiful picture on Pinterest, the temptress, and decided I had to g-free this bad boy. Sure it’s a lot like my honeybun cake. The fact is, I love taking a delicious pastry and making it into an entire cake. Who doesn’t?

Only last night when I was pulling it together I was crazy distracted and wound up putting in two tablespoons of vanilla instead of two teaspoons, then I tried to add some more gf flour, and well, it’s now a doughy mess. I also used all of the vanilla in my over-pour so my icing was lame as well. So instead of presenting you with an amazing recipe, all I’ve got today is a “Well, you should try this because I don’t have time to do it two more times because I’ve got a book to write, dammit!”

I’m sorry.

While I’m at it I’m going to go ahead and apologize to my sister-in-law and her brand new husband for dinner tonight as I also spaced on buying a few ingredients, so it’s substitution time! I’m sorry about what you’ll be eating this evening.

And to you dear readers, I realize I owe you a few apologies as well.

I’m sorry I tried to pass off a salad as a meal.

I’m sorry I couldn’t figure out how to make a decent gluten-free challah.

I’m sorry if I encouraged anyone to drink Corona.

I’m sorry I suggested you take dairy and sugar out of your diet.

I’m also sorry about the gluten-free deep fried Kool-Aid. That’s totally not okay.

So glad I got that off my chest. Now, let’s see if you can make a delicious cake, because as of right now, I totally cannot.

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Super Awesome Gluten-Free Wedding

Meet the most adorable couple in the entire world. That’s Tonya, Paul, and Boddington. Boddington wasn’t allowed at the wedding, yet people like me — people with food issues — totally were. Doesn’t seem fair, does it?

So this was basically the most amazing gluten-free wedding of all time, aside from Chelsea Clinton’s. But I wasn’t invited to Chelsea’s, so screw that wedding. I was, however, invited to Paul and Tonya’s beautiful SoCal event by the ocean since Paul — one half of the nicest couple in the universe — works with my husband. Lucky me.

When I was first diagnosed with Celiac disease, I remember specifically being upset about the prospect of going to weddings. Previously, I was a big fan of the wedding, especially the surf and turf and cake. I knew my days of eating sugary white frosting were over, and I knew my tears at weddings would be over my own personal cake loss, rather than the beautiful union taking place.

This is the first wedding I’ve attended since the big C, and being the least important guest at said wedding (work guest’s wife should be pretty low on the totem pole, amiright?), I didn’t expect to even be able to say more than, “Congratulations” to the happy couple, one of whom I had never even met, and then be ushered to the back corner of a dark hall where I’d have to strain to hear the awkward toasts of friends and relatives. Yet, the first thing I saw when I walked into the reception at the beautiful La Venta Inn was this — Continue reading


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