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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chocolate Coconut Pie is Yum

gluten-free-dairy-free-chocolate-pieI love pie, ya’ll. I don’t love making it so much since that whole crust thing gets in the way. But as I’ve said before, and will say again and again and again, if you buy a pre-made gluten-free pie crust or use a gluten-free mix, you can rock that gf pie. Which is what I just did here with this one. Also, I did it without dairy*. What? I KNOW. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Hamantaschen for Purim!

gluten-free hamantaschenPurim is such a weird holiday. I had heard of it randomly, but the first time I learned what it was actually about was when we moved to LA and my daughter’s pre-school was celebrating. I always knew it was considered a “kid’s holiday” but wow, the story behind Purim—so not kid-friendly.

You take a story of deception, planned genocide and murder and turn it into a kid’s holiday (oh, and also one where adults get loaded). Ummm, OK. But hey, cookies! And clearly I don’t get it because, as my daughter said when we were making the delicious cookie treat that accompanies Purim, “You’re not the Jew here. I am.”

No pressure to convert there, amiright? But let me show you the difference between MY gluten-free hamantaschen and hers (aka, the girl in Jewish Day School). Mine:

gluten-free hamantaschen


gluten-free hamantaschenYeah, eat that, girlie!

Which she did. Because, you know, it tastes exactly the same. The look, however, is supposed to resemble Haman’s (Boo!!!) hat. The evil advisor who tried to kill off all of the Jews. Again, we’re making a COOKIE that looks like this evil guy’s HAT. Not sure how that happened to become a tradition, but it sure is yummy.

The best guide in folding up the hamantaschen can be found on another I-married-into-this gal’s website, The Shiksa in the Kitchen. She made a first-timer’s try very, very easy. (Do not ignore her advice to have everything prepared and to work quickly, the dough will get too sticky fast.) And the actual cookie is a sugar cookie, so I’ve got this. I also decided to fancy up our hamantaschen by using a chocolate almond filling and a pomegranate jelly (thanks to my G-Free Foodie Box!). See here –

gluten-free dairy-free cookies

Regardless, making gluten-free hamantaschen is super easy (unless you’re an 8-year-old girl, apparently) if you follow The Shiksa’s instructions and my recipe below substituting ATK gluten-free flour. I also decided to go dairy-free because when you’re working with gluten-free dough, the butter just makes it less workable. So bonus!

One note, check the cookies after 18 minutes if you’re using the dairy-free recipe, these babies cook fast!

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Gluten-Free Tiramisu Is Kind of Blowing My Mind

gluten-free tirimasu First of all I’m going to admit that I had no idea tiramisu was a no-cook dessert. Secondly, rum? Really, I enjoyed this delight for years before being gluten-free and I had NO IDEA WHAT I WAS EATING. (Admittedly, that wasn’t the only thing I ever ate that could be described the same way.) The other thing I learned during my schooling about this Italian dessert was that Schar offered gluten-free ladyfingers! So I went for it. It was goooood, you guys. Just like I remembered it. Creamy, dreamy, coffee-y and lightly chocolate-y.

I used the recipe on the package, as otherwise I would have had to have come home with more than one package because most tiramisu recipes are about twice as large. So if you’ve got a fab dinner party with lots of gluten-free boozy guests, double this recipe and go to town!  It has also occurred to me that there’s probably no other use for ladyfingers besides tiramisu. Is that right?

Since this is a no-cook, please buy great quality eggs so no one gets the salmonella. What with your propensity for diarrhea, you do NOT want salmonella on top of it all.

On that note –

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What’s Your Damage?: Sugar

sugar free gluten free pieOh, sugar, how I love thee. I know I should also quit thee, but I also know I love rainbow cake way too much for that to happen. Still, sugar is the biggest and baddest guy out there in the food world. In fact, a lot of people argue it is not even a food. Which, OK.

So when I tried to research a recipe that would be delicious and sweet and not have sugar, I also learned that my lovely coconut sugar does not pass the test either. Then I started thinking, “Wait, what test am I trying to pass, exactly?”

While I’m still scratching my head at the coconut sugar thing, from what I understand if I want to go 100% sugar-free (no honey, no maple syrup, no coconut sugar) dates are really my only option. While this is fascinating, I’m just not a fan of dates. HOWEVER. I did just get hooked on the Larabars, which are sweetened with dates. So I gave it a whirl. Also, guess who found date sugar at the store. ME. It was me.

Now, this is where I got slightly confused as the date sugar only had one ingredient: organic dates. My coconut palm sugar also has one ingredient listed: organic coconut palm sugar. Clearly, I’m way out of my league but I trudged on and decided to make a pie with date sugar! Yes, that pie you see above. (Although, the crust was pre-made and it just occurred to me that there was quite possibly sugar in that damn gluten-free crust. D’oh! So to make it totes sugar-free, eliminate the crust altogether and put mixture into 8 small ramekins and make individual custards.)

I love my grandmother’s chess pie (recipe is in my book!) so I decided to start there. It only has a few ingredients so things can’t get that jacked up. But I knew something was different the minute my softened butter hit that pile of sugar. Date sugar.

Date sugar tips:

  • Maybe don’t make something that calls for almost two cups of sugar and substitute date sugar. Maybe start out with something that only requires like 2 tablespoons. (Date sugar is expensive, yo!)
  • When mixing butter and date sugar, skip the hand mixer and go straight in with your actual hands. It’s the only way those two things will mix properly.
  • Up your liquid ingredients to compensate for the thickness of date sugar vs. other sugars.
  • Let your mixture sit for awhile to allow the date sugar to dissolve even more before baking.
  • Do not be alarmed by the dark color of your previously golden pie.
  • You just don’t need as many bites of a pie that is made with date sugar vs. a pie made with the white death sugar. It’s a rich flavor that goes a loooong way.
  • And lastly, but most importantly, do not expect your date sugar pie to taste exactly like your white sugar pie.

For those of us who have been substituting gluten-free flours for normal wheat flour, we already understand that 9 times out of 10 shit’s gonna’ taste different. The same thing goes for using not-white sugar. Dates have a specific taste, and yes that taste is sweet, but it’s also something else. It’s date-y. So while my pie was good, it was not at all the same thing as my grandmother’s original recipe. Can you serve it up to your sugar-free friends without embarrassment? Absolutely. Even my 7-year-old was all, “This is good. It’s not my favorite. But it’s good.” Which is an A+ in my book.

But if you are only trying to cut down on your sugar intake, but do not have a full blown allergy or health problem with sugar, try that coconut version or substitute honey. I use those substitutions all the time and not one single person has ever noticed the difference. That date thing, though? It’s super obvious.

What sugars do you cook with when you’re trying to be healthier? Let me know what works for ya’!

Oh, and pie recipe –

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Udi’s Does Christmas (Gluten-Free, Of Course)

udis cinnamon rollIf there’s one thing I cannot do without during my gluten-free holidays it’s the Udi’s. From the stuffing, to the easy dessert options, I’m all over it. This holiday the good people of Udi’s sent me a box of products to see what I could make of it. Oh, I made of it. I made of it, good.

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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Maple Bread Pudding is as Good as it Sounds

gluten-free pumpkin bread puddingDamn, peoples. I’ll be honest. I’ve cut out a lot of sugar in my life since that whole experiment. Even more dairy. Something happened last weekend, however, or two somethings. One, we went to a family dinner post-wedding where bread pudding was served. And two, PUMPKIN IS HAPPENING. Perhaps, you’ve heard?

I’ve decided to commit to making as much food with pumpkin in the next 45 days as possible. I’m just assuming you are too. It’s what we do in America once fall happens and we all lose our shit. Up first, gluten-free pumpkin bread pudding.

Something I actually do is buy a couple of sugar pumpkins and roast them, grab the seeds and do them up, then puree the hell out of it and make good bizness. This year, however, I’ve got less than zero time so I bought some organic pumpkin guts and went to town.

I also went to Rising Hearts and loaded up on gluten-free brioche because I wanted to do it right. Honestly, I think if you used another gluten-free white bread like Udi’s it would still turn out great, but I wanted to brioche it up. So I did! And wow, my entire family is flipping out about this recipe. It’s coming back. Soon.

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Gluten-Free Pillsbury® Pie Crust??? Let’s Make a Pie!

pillsbury pie crustWell, hello there Dough Boy. Have you heard? Pillsbury® is getting into the gluten-free game and they’ve just released upon the world not one, not two, but THREE gluten-free classic dough situations. You’ve got your gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough, your gluten-free pizza dough, and your gluten-free pie crust. I was lucky enough to receive all three in the post and got to experimenting.* Thank you, Pillsbury®!

While this is great news, I hope the good people at Pillsbury® don’t think I’m going to stop writing letters about developing gluten-free crescent rolls. Because come on, Christmas. In the meantime, there’s a whole lot of goodness that can created out of these ready-made doughs. I’m thinking ice cream sandwiches with those cookies, pizza night at home (hey, no cross-contamination!), and any kind of pie you can imagine. Me? I imagined a gluten-free chocolate chip pie. Yes, I did.

I’ve been one of those devotees to Whole Foods gluten-free crusts, virtually giving up on ever having a roll out type crust wherein I squish the ends around the pie plate. And that’s just sad. While I did not make this gluten-free crust on my lonesome (duh, Pillsbury® did), I was able to shape it, pat it, and feel just a little bit more like Grandma. If only I’d taken the fork to the edges to make it all purty! How did I forget that??? Anyway, it felt good. And kind of normal. And tasted amazing. Easy, breezy, gluten-free pie. 

Before you think I’m totally hard core, please note that this chocolate chip pie is not in fact, made with gluten-free Pillsbury® pie crust AND gluten-free Pillsbury® chocolate chip cookie dough. Just the pie dough, folks. This time.

So here’s how you make this deliciousness happen. How do you think you could go crazy with Pillsbury® gluten-free doughs? Do tell.

*Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by Pillsbury®

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