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Spooky Gluten-Free Halloween Treats From Last Year

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

Why is it that every holiday sneaks up on me like that fifth G&T by the pool? (Note: That’s not actually ever happened, only because I don’t have a pool.) This year it’s Halloween and instead of working out new and fun gluten-free treats, I’m relying on last year’s because Halloween ALSO crept up on me last year and I made these fun eats on Halloween, thus not posting them on my Internet.

I kind of suck at pre-holiday posts. Let’s just say it.

Luckily, these gluten-free spooky treats do not suck, and are super easy to make! Although, again, due to my procrastination, I don’t have an exact recipe for any of them (although most don’t need them) because I also can’t remember my inspiration/the Pinterest page/who told me to make these last year. But I’m confident I can walk you through each and every one and you will wow them on Saturday. GOOD LUCK. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Disaster!

gluten-free valentine's day cookiesWe’ve all been there. You’re all up in your kitchen going, “OMG, you guys! I’m about to rock the house with these treats!” And then, bam, that vanilla you thought you were adding to your cookies turns out to be mint. Amiright? No? Just me?

So that happened.

And the thing is, I was going for the easiest possible Valentine’s Day cookie solution by using Glutino’s sugar cookie mix. That is hard to mess up my friends, but I did. Or I possibly made it BETTER, which I’m really coming around to now that I’ve gobbled up four heart-shaped cookies with a minty tingle in one sitting.

Normally if you’re mixing up Glutino sugar cookies they recommend you just ball it up and bake. But if you want to go at it with a cookie cutter, do what I did and after mixing the ingredients allow the dough to chill for about an hour. Gluten-free flour a surface and a rolling pin, then roll out that dough to about a 1/4 inch thick. Cut into your favorite shapes and bake.

If you don’t have any Glutino handy, you can use this recipe wherein I used the Cup4Cup. These were awesome too. But the best part of my experiment in Valentine’s Day cookies was finally getting the icing right. I love me a buttercream, but butter don’t set. Instead, use a corn syrup based icing and if you want to make it dairy-free, you can substitute almond milk right on down the line. It’s like magic.

The thing is, we all know that sugar cookies with icing really means Christmas. And with that mistake-o-mint, these heart cookies totally reminded me of Christmas. Which made me think, “How many days until Christmas?” Because that means, “How many days until I can take some time off with my family and sit around shoving food in my face, and especially that Garrett’s popcorn?” Those were the days.

Let’s relive them, shall we?

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What I’m Doing With G-Free Foodie Awesome Box + Giveaway!

gluten free foodieWell, lookee here! This arrived on my door and it was like Christmas in July. The good people at G-Free Foodie (hey, hey KC!) are doing this monthly service where you get crazy good gluten-free food delivered to your door and it’s ON. I didn’t even know you could buy Crave Bakery’s cupcake/cake mix in a box! What?!? That’s Snickerdoodle, son.

But G-Free Foodie didn’t stop at baked goods. This box has soul. Here’s what else is in it, and what I’m going to do with it. And how YOU can get one of your own.

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Gluten-Free Pink Lemonade Pound Cake

gluten-free cakeSummer is upon us, people. Summer is upon us. While you could fill up your pitcher with delicious pink lemonade, why not consider making an entire gluten-free pound cake out of that nectar of the gods? I did!

Yes, it was a two cake weekend at my house because, why not? And yes I did find that pink lemonade pound cake recipe on Pinterest. Why do you ask? And it did look a heck of a lot better on Pinterest, because that’s what they want us to think. Seriously you guys, the day I make something and it looks as good as it does on Pinterest is the day I’ve won the Internet. And/or hired a professional food photographer to make me look much better than I actually am.


So pink lemonade pound cake. It’s truly a summer treat (as I mentioned before), and I actually can’t imagine digging in any other time of year. I firmly believe that as soon as the first frost hits you cover everything in chocolate and/or peanut butter, and then once it’s possible to get a sunburn, you go citrus. It’s just how I live my life.

And this particular recipe is delightfully summer-ific. One tip. If you, like me, can only get your gluten-free cake so high, use the icing recipe I list below. Otherwise, if you double that recipe (or just go by the original recipe), you wind up with a hell of a lot of pink lemonade icing, and then once you heat it and pour it, it does this –

gluten-free cakeAnd that wasn’t even all of the icing, you guys. So use my proportions and if you really find your icing needs are not being fully met, double that bad boy. I also have some leftover icing that I’m going to plop atop some gluten-free vanilla cupcakes because YUM.

Go get ’em.

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Gluten-Free Rainbow Cake in the House!

gluten free rainbow cakeNope, I can’t believe I did this either. Although when I show you the full-on photo you will see how I jacked it all up and realize that oh, yes, that seems more like April’s style. But let’s just bask in the amazingness of this gluten-free six layer rainbow cake that KICKS ASS. And actually is not that hard to throw together, believe it or not. That is, if you’re a normal person with loads of patience and realistic expectations of the hours in the day and such. But even if you’re like me and expect to whip up this masterpiece in a few hours before company comes over, it can be done. The first thing you do is head to the store and buy up all the gluten-free vanilla cake mix they have to offer.

I LOVE XO Baking Co.’s cake mixes, pancake mixes, buttercream frosting mixes—basically everything they do I am a huge fan of eating in mass quantities. Tragically, they did not have enough left at the gluten-free store so I had to use two different kinds of cake mixes. Which is fine, it’s just not as easy and I’m all about making things as easy as possible for you people (and of course, for myself.) You will need three regular gluten-free cake mixes for this recipe, or use one of your favorite cake recipes and triple that sucker. Now, let’s talk about frosting.

You can also go with three gluten-free frosting mixes from XO Baking Co., or you can triple one vanilla buttercream recipe (see below). Buttercream is so freaking good, and naturally gluten-free, but when you’re talking about this quantity you should really use a KitchenAid stand mixer. Says the girl who burned the motor out of her Cuisinart hand mixer whipping up this butter and powdered sugar magic.

Why yes I have been waiting until the last moment to discuss food coloring. Let’s all just work with the assumption that food coloring is not good for you. Apparently there are some food colorings out there that have gluten as well, though I have not yet stumbled across those vials of poison. McCormick’s food coloring is gluten-free so go forth and dye those vanilla cakes.

Now, let’s talk about how you can avoid this situation –

gluten free rainbow cake

It looks like I took that cake for a ride around Mulholland in a roadster. Much less exciting, I simply could not wait for one cake to cool before baking the next (I only have two 8″ rounds) and then started slapping that icing on way too soon. Hence, my crazy cake. So here’s what you need—it’s called patience. Always allow your cakes to cool completely. Level the top of each cake with a serrated knife, and add a crumb coating of icing to every layer and the top of the cake and allow the thin layer of icing to dry completely before you do the big final icing situation. Sure this kind of waiting means you’re hanging out with rainbow cake all day, but you get to hang out with rainbow cake all day.

Rather than be intimidated, just know this: You’re making three two-layer cakes and icing them. You simply divide these three cakes six ways, and dye each layer a different color. Sprinkles optional (but highly recommended). It really is that easy. Also note, if you allow the cakes to cool completely before leveling, icing and stacking it will look perfect. But even if you go all slap-dashery like I did, it still tastes magical.

Get your rainbow on.

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Gluten-Free Kid Birthday Party . . . ‘ish

gluten free kid partyFirst of all, Happy Birthday Judah!! My little dude turned four today, and I’m trying to make it not totally awful. You see, we were supposed to be at Disney & California Adventure right about now going crazy at Cars Land, instead he’s trying not to throw up his gluten-free birthday cupcake. Although, considering this was Judah the last time we went to Disneyland –

gluten free DisneylandMaybe home is the better choice.

All of this is to say, I was planning on being in a hotel relying on those swell people to provide birthday treats to my boy, and instead I had to hustle when I arrived home from Austin to a house full of sick kids. No Disneyland service, meant pulling together a last minute birthday celebration. For someone who is puking. Yep.

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Gluten-Free Diet Remorse

gluten-free diet remorse

No one can complain with a gluten-free Chipwich in your mouth

Hello, GIMBers! I’m feeling a little weak from my whole reset/vegan’ish situation and it’s making me ponder that other time I had to cut out a major food group. Which was, coincidentally, two years ago last week! Happy horrible going gluten-free anniversary to me.

But I’m not the only one who was upended by this dramatic change, I have a family and all. When you’re diagnosed with celiac disease, the advice is to remove all gluten from the home; which means your roommates are going on the diet too. If you decide to go on a gluten-free diet — whether forcibly, or otherwise — you have to stop and consider the other people living in your home. I mean, I didn’t. But you totally should.

Granted the kids still have Cheerios and normal bagels, and I’m totally suspicious that my husband shoves as much gluten into his gullet every day at lunch, but other than those exceptions we’re kinda’ a gluten-free household. So I decided to sit them down and let them know I feel their pain, and what is that pain, exactly? It turns out, I’m cramping everyone’s restaurant dining style. Continue reading


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