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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Mandarette, Home State, Mama Shelter & A Cautionary Tale

IMG_1281I’ve figured out the secret to hanging onto the fun, carefree, anything goes life we all had, or attempted to have, before kids. It’s called a week at Grandma’s house and I highly recommend it. The kids go to Grandma’s, that is. You stay put and do you.

Of course you can’t be footloose and fancy free about everything when you’ve got a bad case of the sprue. You do have to watch what you eat, sadly, and that means not getting so loaded you don’t care if that donut isn’t gluten-free because it looks gluten-free, dammit! That will not end well, and the point of the child-free week is make every non-mac and cheese making, carpool driving, moment count. Don’t spend it on the pot.

With that in mind, let me guide you around my week of freedom, which also meant not cooking a gd thing. NO DISHES, PEOPLE. I’m telling you, it was epic.  Continue reading

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5 Days of Giveaways: What Am I Having for Lunch?

giveaway-gluten-free-cheat-sheetYes, that is really the question of the day to win a copy of The Gluten-Free Cheat Sheet: Go G-Free in 30 Days or Less. It’s Day 3 and it’s getting real. But first, let’s meet yesterday’s winner! Continue reading


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You Can’t Please Everybody, or, That Time I Almost Poisoned a Dinner Guest

food allergy fuck upI had the pleasure of joining a group of ladies last weekend on a birthday trip out of town. I was the “new girl” which meant I wasn’t used to everyone’s stuff. Personal, medical, and food. Normally not an issue except for the fact that I was preparing dinner for the group first thing Friday night.

As I’m exploring on my side project, Bake Sales Are My Bitch, you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone with a food allergy/issue/whatnot. Of course I’m including myself in that cat swinging activity. Naturally when the call went out we had a fairly long list of food issues, well, for only 8 ladies. Again, I’m the celiac, and not blameless. And also super sympathetic, obvs. Still, the allergy to capsicum peppers was to be my Achilles heel.

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Cooking The Hell Out of a CSA Box . . . Again!

gluten-free CSA Box recipesThere are oh so many sign ups when you’ve got kids in school. There’s the PTA, the recycling “green” team, the carpool traffic cop . . . and so much more. Which is why my hand is always raised when there is anything, at all, even halfway related to food. I grabbed that beautiful CSA box once again from my daughter’s school and did it all Chopped style to make some awesome gluten-free food stuffs for the school. LOVE IT. And how great looking is that produce up in there? Daaaamn.

I’ve always wanted to to see how kids respond to quinoa and cheese vs. traditional mac style, and this was the perfect opportunity to try that biz out. Adding tiny chopped broccoli makes it community supported agriculture-box friendly, and super delicious for kids and adults alike. Here it is, a one pot super fast dish that is RAD –

gluten-free CSA recipesReally, you just cook the quinoa as the package instructs, add in about 1/4 cup of vegetable stock (gluten-free, natch) at the end, keep the burner on low and add 1 cup of grated cheddar and diced broccoli. Stir, and serve. YUM.

I’m honestly at a loss with the Kiwi fruit. I have such a weird seed issue, but it’s so cute! I thought about throwing together a tart, then went “Mascarpone!” One way to enjoy delish fruit is to just dip it into a lovely mascarpone, honey, vanilla and cream mixture like Ina Garten does. Serve it up, my friends, Serve it up.

gluten-free csa boxIf you want to keep things running smoothly and quickly, call in the stir fry police. Yes, it is a cheap and easy move, but who doesn’t love a great stir fry? This particular box included snap peas, bok choy, leeks and carrots. Which means = delicious over rice.

gluten-free csa box recipesSauteeing these farm fresh vegetables in olive oil, garlic, ginger, wheat-free tamari and sesame oil keeps the veggies crisp, flavorful and fresh. Be sure to use the peeler to shave carrots over the mixture right before it finishes cooking so carrot ribbons don’t soften too much. Serve over organic brown rice, and BAM.

The kicker recipe was, of course, the Citrus Julius. Mmmm, mall food.

gluten-free orange juliusI’m starting to think I should start a service where people drop off their CSA boxes and I cook up a crazy meal. Of course, these people would have to love the idea of mystery ingredients. And throw-backs to the ’80s. Actually, those people sound like AWESOME people.

Also, this entire process (except for the freezing of the citrus juices) took about 30 minutes total. COOL. Which kind of goes to show that fresh, unmessed with ingredients can really turn into something amazing with just the tiniest effort. Really, the instructions above will give you a great, fast, easy result. Try it, you’ll like it! And that ends my preaching for the day. OH, except one more thing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you MUST watch True Detective. Best. Show. Ever. Matthew McConaughey. That is all.



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Gluten-Free Honey Buttermilk Fried Chicken

gluten-free fried chickenMy daughter came home from somewhere I can’t recall and announced that she had just had the BEST honey fried chicken. My intense jealousy sent me straight to the store for cut up chicken pieces and buttermilk. Because you know, I WANT FRIED CHICKEN TOO. I’ve done the chicken and waffle thing before (recipe in my book) on the gf, so this is really adding a honey step for even more deliciousness.

Fried chicken is one of those things that I truly missed the most when I was diagnosed with the sprue. Sure, I can make it myself and it’s not too complicated (says the girl who grew up with a grandmother who made it every time we were over), but I’m still super sad I can’t drive up to a joint and just dive in. Sigh. So this was fun to have around for a day or two including leftovers. I felt like I should have taken the extra on a pic-a-nic, but alas, we kind of don’t do that anymore. You never catch anyone packing up the cold chicken and potato salad with a checkered cloth and heading out to the woods. WEIRD. Why don’t we do that? We should do that.

Regardless, I had some Hodgson’s mill gluten-free seasoned flour which I’ve used before, so I just added some corn starch for extra crunch (you can also use potato starch or tapioca starch). If you use regular flour, salt and pepper that stuff and throw any other spices in that make you happy. Maybe even some hot sauce. The end result? Awesomeness.

Three words, you guys: Fried honey chunks. You should do this.

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Gluten-Free Smoky Chicken Chowder Because I Think It’s Fall

gluten-free soupWheeee! Fall in LA, people. It’s just like every other season except we did have two chilly days where I wore the hell out of my sweaters and put on boots. Because I know when to take advantage of a situation. Also, I know how to rock a chicken for the week.

Have I ever talked about the power of a roast chicken? No? If you learn nothing else from me, my friends, please know that you can never underestimate the awesomeness of roasting a Sunday chicken, then repurposing it throughout the week. Roast it!

Usually I like to make the chicken enchiladas with my leftovers and throw some chicken at my children, but I’m trying hard to steer clear of the dairy. Or at least, the insane amount of dairy that goes into delicious, delicious, enchiladas. This recipe for smoky chicken chowder that I picked up from Epicurious also called for some dairy, but I pulled a vegan trick and added an extra Russet potato and cut way back on the cream, and deleted the cheese. Even without that deliciousness, this was, what they say in my house, “The best soup you’ve ever made.” I’m the “you’ve” there, everybody. It was me that made the soup.

So now that we’re clear on that, let me show you how I gluten-freed, and dairy-lighted this insanely delicious chowder that I’m going to make again, and again, and again, and again. It’s slurping time.

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Gluten-Free Sriracha Salmon Cakes

gluten-free sriracha salmon cakesI really want ice cream, but I can’t have it. So I’m back behind the stove and I thought it was about time I started putting sriracha on everything like all the cool kids are doing. Has anyone put it on ice cream yet? I bet they have. I bet there is homemade sriracha chocolate ice cream. I’d eat that. Except it looks like I can’t. So, hey, how about salmon? Why yes I am totally sad, why do you ask?

Actually these salmon cakes remind me a bit of the ones my mother used to make. Of course, she used can salmon and I got one of those farm-raised fillets from Whole Foods, what with all the bones in it. (Side note: Does anyone actually WANT the bones? Why not just debone it all, Whole Foods?) I also chopped up fresh chives, which is kind of one of my favorite things to do now that I can’t eat ice cream. And then I added a splash of sriracha because that’s what you do. You know what? These were pretty danged good. And since I poached the salmon the night before, I was able to throw this together super quickly after work, sautee up some kale with pumpkin seeds, and go to healthy town.

Almost Whole 30 friendly (it’s those bread crumbs and yogurt sauce that’ll get ya’) but definitely friendly to my new way of trying to eat clean, this recipe is a winner. Incidentally, in the original recipe from Epicurious you do not poach the salmon ahead of time. I just have such a weird thing about cooking fish all the way through I wanted to make sure that was happening before I chowed down. I mean, I have LOTS of weird things, and I think making sure fish is cooked is pretty far down on my list. Like way after assigning gender to numbers (3 is SUCH a girl), but weirder than my love for taco shells all on their own.

Here’s how to make it up!

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