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GIMB Gift Guide: 7 + 1 Awesome Gluten-Free Gifts

gluten-free holiday gift guideSo yeah it’s basically like, “Hey! I Want This!” And I’m just thinking that if you’re a home cook, gluten-free or gluen-filled, or like sharp knives, or junk food, or being awesome you’re going to love this gift guide. The point is, sometimes us gluten-free types need specialized lists, and other times it’s just like, “Doesn’t everyone want a huge wheel of cheese for Christmas/Hanukkah/Thanksgivvikuh?”

Without further delay, here’s the Gluten Is My Bitch Holiday Gift List:

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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Short Cake @ The Original Farmer’s Market

Yep, these are gluten-free desserts. In a public place.

So here’s something awesome that happened. A nice lady got in touch with me to let me in on a secret — there was a gluten-free baker hanging out at a new, hip bakery and restaurant at The Farmer’s Market at 3rd & Fairfax. I know what you’re thinking — a gluten-free baker? What the? Here she is:

Isn’t she adorable? Perhaps it’s because she sent me home with lip-smackingly good gluten-free brownies, nougat fun and a sunflower seed, homemade marshmallow, sun butter chocolate treat. Oh, and plied me with a TCHO chocolate custard shake. Needless to say I had a lovely afternoon with Short Cake baker (bakestress?) Hourie Sahakian who showed me in the inner workings of the Short Order restaurant and Short Cake bakery that are totally gluten-free friendly. This is the custard machine.

I realize that means nothing to you unless you’ve enjoyed one of the amazing custard shakes. But this is a $45,000 machine for custard making. Here’s the gluten-free flour —

Of course, there are many, many, gluten-filled delights at Short Cake, as well as the scrumptious (for gluten-eaters) homemade hamburger buns at Short Order so Hourie and I discussed cross-contamination, and also, ummm, isn’t she sick all the damn time? It’s true that Hourie suffers — so we don’t have to —  and has given in a bit to her chosen profession, which I find fascinating as I don’t think I’ve ever been so committed to something in my life. Except maybe cheese.

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Red Velvet Cake For Your Gluten-Free Mother

I could have just left this box out and maybe someone in my family would have gotten the hint to make it. But I didn’t. Instead, I decided to see if my favorite gluten-free flourCup4Cup could also make a dang good gluten-free cake mix. I honestly could not resist this box staring at me from the Williams-Sonoma shelf. Which is  incidentally, what I also said about the margarita mix. Both worth it.

By the way, after I bought this cake mix some crazy woman hit me with her car. She was driving into oncoming traffic, and I was sitting waiting for a red light. It’s a bit of a shock to be sideswiped, especially when you’re not actually doing anything wrong. Not even trying to Shazam while driving! Do you know how often something bad happens to me when I’m completely not at fault? Never. I’ve always done something to provoke. However, not this time. Here she is: Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins To Go

What a way to ditch a cleanse, amiright? Yet I’ve unexpectedly found myself traveling and right after I made my own pumpkin puree post-pumpkin patch.  This pumpkin patch –

Instead of doing the prudent thing and freezing what remained of my puree, I went into cooking for comfort mode and made a batch of these three-part gluten-free pumpkin cream cheese muffins. That means, muffins that have three delicious recipes inside one recipe. I know! But if I’m headed to Texas I’d better bring my own muffins. Plus, it’s really fun to look around your flight and wonder who else might have fresh-baked breakfast treats in their purse.  That’s a good time, and you should try it.

I will say that I halved the amount of cream cheese and powdered sugar in the original recipe (ummm, totally because I’m watching my dairy and sugar – not at all because someone had used the other half on their bagels). Additionally I excluded the 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice because of that whole late at night and not wanting to go to the store thing. I cannot imagine that made a difference. Also, what is pumpkin pie spice? Really? I’m thinking that the nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon combo covers the “spice” portion for this recipe.

In the interest of full disclosure of my laziness, I also did not go to the store to purchase muffin liners. I used a non-stick spray in the muffin tins and those babies popped right out. So let’s say it’s optional – spray or liners.  Go crazy.

More complicated than most muffin recipes, yet totally worth it, be sure you mix up the cream cheese filling a few hours prior to your baking hour as it needs time to chill in the freezer. I’m one of those people who just grabs a few moments in the kitchen, so this would normally have tripped me up. Luckily I have children that have to be fed, bathed, and talked to so I had a few hours between deciding on this recipe and actually being able to make it.

So here I am in the airport enjoying my gluten-free muffin with my ginormous cappuccino.  I know everyone around me is jealous to the max. And wondering why I travel with Tupperware. But they’ll never know because I am such a woman of mystery.

Here’s how you can be the weirdo on your flight too!

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Lessons in Gluten-Free Baking or Don’t Do What I Did

So I used to make these amazing chocolate chip cookies. Ever since I have been forbidden to eat the gluten, I have been dreaming of the day I could find the perfect flour blend, or perfect brand of all-purpose to make these killer cookies once again. I mean, you guys, everyone says, “Holy crap, these are some outstanding cookies.” It’s not just me that’s missing out — it’s everyone I’ve ever shared these cookies with. I know. I’m like, responsible for other people’s happiness.

Since I’ve been having a lot of success with the all-purpose blend by King Arthur, I thought this might be the time to attempt my world-famous cookie recipe (that I stole from Not Without Salt). It was all going so well, with my expert help from Supergirl, herself.

There are a few keys to making the best chocolate chip cookies in the entire universe. One, is the sprinkling of sea salt on top before baking. Two, is the three sugar mix. And finally, the thing that I never do but they implore you to do in this recipe, is to cream the butter and sugars for 5 minutes. I simply don’t have the patience, and these cookies always turn out to be completely delish regardless. Maybe they’d be even better if I creamed the butters and sugars for 5 full minutes. But really, it’s kind of like that circumcision thing. How much better is sex going to feel with that flap of skin, really? From all reports from cut menfolk, it already is kind of mind-blowing and very difficult to imagine if there were some more nerves going on down there. But I digress.

I followed the other steps in trying to make these superfly cookies g-free, but I’m just going out on a limb here and declaring that my 3 minute mix is not responsible for this – Continue reading


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My Awesome Gluten-Free Birthday

Happy birthday to me, ya’ll! So I’m a year older, and while that’s eh, I had a super rad celebration and all the gluten-free bizness I could eat and drink. I have the coolest friends who showered me with gf goodness, and a super duper husband that threw me a taco party complete with the best gluten-free chocolate cake of all time from The Sensitive Baker. Y.U.M. It’s huge, which means I have to eat cake for every meal this week. Which is no problem, because it’s my birthday.

But the party doesn’t stop there. Look at this gluten-free bounty my buddies brought over. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Cinnamon Muffins for My 1st Day of Pre-School

You know as you’re sitting in those orientation meetings for new parents, they go on and on about this kid’s peanut allergy, or that kid’s aversion to loud noises and dogs, but do they ever ask the parents if they have any dietary restrictions? Well, noooooo, they do not. They do, however, offer up coffee and pastries to parents who are in the middle of “transition” with their brand spanking new pre-schoolers. Or so I heard.

Which is why I went into survival mode the night before my son’s first day in his big kid school and made a mess of gluten-free muffins. Because I will not be denied a pastry. I will not.

It turns out that whole table of coffee and pastries was a myth, or at least they hid it from me, anyway. So I was most likely the only parent with a purse full of muffins. Still, these were DELISH. And took like five seconds to whip together. I only wish I’d had some coffee to enjoy with these cinnamon delights. If my kid is okay today, I’m hightailing it to the Starbucks on the corner and feasting like a gluten-free mom who has just sent her baby to pre-school and must eat to dull the pain of facing her own mortality. I mean, look at this kid.

Here’s how you can prepare for the next generation taking your place, too. Continue reading


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