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Spooky Gluten-Free Halloween Treats From Last Year

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

My amazing helpers/sugar sneakers

Why is it that every holiday sneaks up on me like that fifth G&T by the pool? (Note: That’s not actually ever happened, only because I don’t have a pool.) This year it’s Halloween and instead of working out new and fun gluten-free treats, I’m relying on last year’s because Halloween ALSO crept up on me last year and I made these fun eats on Halloween, thus not posting them on my Internet.

I kind of suck at pre-holiday posts. Let’s just say it.

Luckily, these gluten-free spooky treats do not suck, and are super easy to make! Although, again, due to my procrastination, I don’t have an exact recipe for any of them (although most don’t need them) because I also can’t remember my inspiration/the Pinterest page/who told me to make these last year. But I’m confident I can walk you through each and every one and you will wow them on Saturday. GOOD LUCK. Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Halloween Treats for the Supremely Untalented

Like me! These are some cute wonky looking edible Frankenstein treats, are they not? I found them months ago on Pinterest, as I’m wont to do, and busted it out for our Halloween celebration. I just assumed I could directly mimic this super cute pic on the P-t but it turns out I can’t even make two eyes even. Ahhh, well. I’ve never claimed to be crafty and that’s okay because my mother tells me I have other talents.

Even for those of us with limited skilz, it’s super easy to make these cups o’ fun. You can even employ the kids for this project, and at this point I’d like to say my 3- and 6-year-old are totally responsible for the lack of perfection in these Frankenpuddings. In fact I have photographic evidence to back me up.

But, you know, I did some too. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Make your own puddin’ for Halloweeeeeeen! Continue reading

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The Scariest Gluten-Free Cake Pops You’ll Ever See

“Hi, I’m Bob.”

There are people who make gluten-free cake pops, and people who eat them. As an eater, I made a huge mistake when attempting to cross over to the maker crowd. Huge. It was so tedious, and such a mess of my life, I now hate cake pops. And I have five million of them in my house bringing down the value on account of the total ugliness on a stick. You guys, that one pictured is my best one. You want to see the rest?

“Help us!”

I thought this would be an adorable thing to do with my kids. I even bought a special cake pop pan and followed the directions so I would have perfectly round little balls. Well one thing I did do right — balls. Plus, I used the amazing XO Baking Co. gluten-free cake mix and so they were delicious. I even had the frosting at the ready, but apparently in a cake pop box you don’t need to do that added step.

I even bought the perfect colored melting chocolates, like these –

But apparently you can’t spend your way out of massive failure.

All you’re supposed to do is melt chocolate and swirl the pop around until covered. One, I couldn’t get the butt covered to save my life; and two, I tried to turn a cake pop into Bob from Monsters Vs. Aliens, ghosts, pumpkins, and black cats. I should have just stopped with the half-assed swirling.

Also, you may be wondering what the heck this cereal box is doing in the picture above with the screaming gluten-free cake pops. You see, I followed some cake pop directions that were described as “easy” and attempted to make these cake pops stand up and dry on a box. They toppled over and stuck to the cereal box that I had just emptied in a panic, not helping in the attractive arena AT ALL. I’m not even going to show you the black cats with chocolate chip ears and smushed faces.

I am not, nor will I ever be, a cake decorator. But let’s say you want to give it a try. Here are some ways I messed up, so you won’t have to! Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Caramel & Sea Salt Popcorn Balls

Happy Gluten-Free Halloween, ya’ll! I’ve seen about a million sites that tell us what candy is and is not gluten-free for the big day, so I’ll leave that one to the very diligent candy police. Instead, I’m going to go on and on about these gluten-free caramel and sea salt popcorn balls I made to celebrate the holiday. Also, to take a break from my dairy-free, sugar-free diet. WORTH IT.

When I was a kid people used to give out popcorn balls where I trick or treated, until everyone started freaking out about homemade goods on Halloween. What a bummer, seeing as how popcorn balls were my favorite treat and some lady always managed to make up a sugary sweet batch in our neighborhood. Karo syrup is kind of a kitchen staple where I grew up, so any excuse to bust it out was a good one as far as we were all concerned. So I’m carrying on my childhood tradition by bringing out the Whirleypop –

. . . and the Karo, and creating my very own gluten-free caramel.

Yes, one could melt a bunch of caramel candies and have a similar end result, but caramel color is known to be one of those sneaky gluten things, so to be safe you should melt up your own. As long as you have a candy thermometer, you’re in business.

And just to go all foodie on the old timey tradition, I sprinkled fine sea salt over the popcorn prior to coating it with the delicious caramel goodness. Because who doesn’t love salty-sweet? Parents who are afraid of the new people who moved in and are suddenly giving out homemade treats, that’s who. Wusses.

Happy Halloween everybody! Make up your own sweet treats for trick or treaters this way: Continue reading

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