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Gluten-Free Party Time: Canapés & Pigs In a Blanket

gluten-free-appetizersBreak out the canapés, bitches, it’s time to get your gluten-free apps on.

When’s the last time you heard the word “canapé” much less eaten/made one? I’m now fully obsessed with making every single canapé in the old school Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book from 1950. It’s become my “thing.” By “thing” I mean, I’m cutting gluten-free bread into designs and stocking my kitchen with toast beds. Yes, I DO know how to have a good time.

It’s not only the canapés in the Betty Crocker book I’m honing in on, it’s actually all of these classic appetizers. I mean, look at these!

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Gluten-Free Caramel & Sea Salt Popcorn Balls

Happy Gluten-Free Halloween, ya’ll! I’ve seen about a million sites that tell us what candy is and is not gluten-free for the big day, so I’ll leave that one to the very diligent candy police. Instead, I’m going to go on and on about these gluten-free caramel and sea salt popcorn balls I made to celebrate the holiday. Also, to take a break from my dairy-free, sugar-free diet. WORTH IT.

When I was a kid people used to give out popcorn balls where I trick or treated, until everyone started freaking out about homemade goods on Halloween. What a bummer, seeing as how popcorn balls were my favorite treat and some lady always managed to make up a sugary sweet batch in our neighborhood. Karo syrup is kind of a kitchen staple where I grew up, so any excuse to bust it out was a good one as far as we were all concerned. So I’m carrying on my childhood tradition by bringing out the Whirleypop –

. . . and the Karo, and creating my very own gluten-free caramel.

Yes, one could melt a bunch of caramel candies and have a similar end result, but caramel color is known to be one of those sneaky gluten things, so to be safe you should melt up your own. As long as you have a candy thermometer, you’re in business.

And just to go all foodie on the old timey tradition, I sprinkled fine sea salt over the popcorn prior to coating it with the delicious caramel goodness. Because who doesn’t love salty-sweet? Parents who are afraid of the new people who moved in and are suddenly giving out homemade treats, that’s who. Wusses.

Happy Halloween everybody! Make up your own sweet treats for trick or treaters this way: Continue reading

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Have a Very Gluten-Free Easter

Are you ready to gorge yourself on some chocolate-y Easter goodness? Not so fast, celiac, as apparently the Easter Bunny adds gluten in some of those springtime treats. Phhpt, on you rabbit. Lucky for you, I’ve done some exhaustive research on what Easter candies are gf, and what ones will send you straight to the loo. You’re welcome.

The best of the gluten-free Easter treats* await your perusal: Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Passover Makes Elijah Happy

Or at least that’s what I assume, since he never says otherwise.

Happy Passover, chosen people! Living in a mixed religious home means we get to celebrate, basically everything. And while I’m still searching for some gluten-free challah, there are some pretty awesome gf options for your seder plate tonight.

Read on to prepare a fab gf seder for the celiacs in your clan.

First, big thank you Yehuda for making gluten-free matzo! From this, you may build your seder table, gf style. But you’ll want to eat more than an egg, some unleaven bread, herbs and a shank bone after you’ve gone through the whole slavery, misery, and fleeing talk. Continue reading

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