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Gluten-Free Italian Meatballs From ‘The Warm Kitchen’

gluten-free italian meatballsI love it when you meet someone super nice and they give you a cookbook, and then you make something from said cookbook, and IT’S AWESOME.

Amy Fothergill, a gluten-free professional cooking instructor at The Family Chef has created an easy to use gluten-free cookbook (with dairy- egg- and sugar-free substitutions!) in The Warm Kitchen and I love it. My kids love it too, unfortunately too much for my taste as my daughter declared Amy’s recipe for Italian Meatballs “Better than yours, mom.” Really? Well, let’s see who’s meatballs pay your way through college, sister.


Amy’s cookbook is chock full of simple, yet delicious and tested recipes so you all should buy it, use it, live it, love it. Here’s how to make my new family favorite. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Crock Pot Lemon Chicken

gluten-free crock pot recipeIt may be springtime, but I’ve been rocking the crock pot all week, you guys. You see, yet again my old oven is broken, and that is not so rad for someone in the middle of developing recipes. Luckily I still have my stove top, my grill, and oh yes, a lovely crock pot.

Another awesome thing that happened is my co-worker brought me a shitton of lemons from her aunt’s tree.

gluten-free lemon chickenSO MANY LEMONS!!!!

While I was tempted to make cakes, pies, bars, cookies, and more sweets like that, instead I had to go no-bake. This is one reason for the lemon chicken, and also the reason in my new book you’ll see a recipe for gluten-free Limoncello. I’m also doing some lime experimentation, which I highly recommend. It’s like Sprite, but it will get you drunk. I’m assuming.

I do have to say this is a great family recipe. Which is to say, not a “I’m trying to impress my date,” recipe. It’s great, it’s solid. It’s just sometimes I have a hard time getting excited about chicken breasts. In fact, I’ve been known to turn up my nose and abandon a chicken breast dinner. Clearly, the ’80s taught me nothing.

But honestly, this was a crowd pleaser, super easy and a freaking fantastic use of lemons.

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Gluten-Free New York: A Tale of Two Pastas

gluten-free pasta new yorkI haven’t lived in New York now for 3 1/2 years, and I was also a full-on gluten lover when I lived in the city. So something I’d conveniently forgotten is that NYC is chock full of amazing Italian restaurants. High-end, hole-in-the-wall, and everything in-between. It was rare to make a dinner date and not have at least one Italian joint on the list. Which is probably why I spent two short days (maybe 1 1/2?) in New York, and ate at two Italian restaurants. Both of which, offered up gluten-free pasta. Yes, dark photos but that’s kind of the thing in the NYC. Dark, and awesome. I’m not sure what I mean by that.

Rosemary’s was by far my fave joint for pasta. Where I met my girl, Mel, and we shared a carafe of sparkling wine. And now you know why it was my favorite! We both had the same beef braised pasta with cherry tomatoes, she got the cavatelli because she loves the gluten, and I had the house gluten-free pasta.

gluten-free new yorkCan you even see that? Still, it was amazing. AH-MAY-ZING. I’m going back to that West Village joint.

The next day I totally had to check out Eataly, the craziest Italian Battali place in town. When I used to live in New York I made sure to test out every Batali that opened. I enjoyed most of them, but had no idea the metroplex that man was about to release upon the city. Eataly opened right as I left NYC, and by the time I came back I was all effed up on gluten. So imagine my surprise when I walked in to see this –

gluten-free new york cityRight there in the middle of all that gluten, ya’ll! So, yeah, they did offer up gluten-free pasta on the menu. I ordered the gluten-free version of the braised pork and radicchio from the Manza restaurant and thanks in part to my sparkling wine carafe the night before, I could not finish. Whew! That does NOT settle well. Still, look it!

gluten-free pasta new york

My lady friends in attendance did, however, chow down and had a lovely lunch. They also picked up some gluten-free saltines for me at the shop on account of how much it looked like I needed that for my plane ride home.

I was stoked, you guys. Stoked. I’m looking forward to going back to New York and seeing what other amazoids gluten-free options are available to me. Feeling confident. Or at least, not totally terrified. That’s awesome, right?


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It’s a Pizza, It’s a Lasagna, & It’s Totally Gluten-Free

You guys, I just made something totally crazy delicious, and potentially deadly. Still, AWESOME. Because apparently I spend an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest, I stumbled across this gem of a recipe that turns your lasagna into a three-meat pizza situation, but without the crust. It’s sick. And I mean that in the tween sense. You see, this is only the first layer –

According to the original recipe, there are three layers of this business. Since that makes five hundred tons of this gooey goodness, I cut it down a bit as there’s only so much cheese my family can digest. Also, the last time I ate three meats I got celiac, so I turned three into two. But if you want to go whole hog, please check out the original and go meat-crazy. Just make sure you’ve got your gluten-free pepperoni and sausage. I highly recommend Applegate Farms. Delish.

Because I also care about you vegetarian gluten-free types, I had this thought: Remove the pepperoni and sausage and replace with spinach and mushroom, and voila! Vegetarian heart attack on a plate. Vegans, I’m totally sorry you’re out of luck on this one because no one wants to eat this much faux cheese.

This is how you do it –

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My New Most Favorite Gluten-Free Pasta Recipe

For those of you who are in the angry anti-pasta stage of your gluten-free lifestyle (oh, you didn’t know that was a thing? It totally is), I have something that just might lure you back to the world of gf pasta goodness. Or, if you’re happy cursing fusilli, be my guest. Seriously, it feels good to take out your anger on sub par pasta. It really does.

But if you’re ready to give noodles another chance, may I recommend this frankenrecipe I created from a yummy penne number from America’s Test Kitchen, and another particularly compelling post I read about white beans? I may? Why, thank you!

I’ve kind of given up on the hardcore red sauce pastas I used to make. Which is sad, but since I was diagnosed in the middle of an intense “Grandma’s Italian Kitchen” cooking phase of my life, I still associate that huge pot of bubbling Sunday sauce with massive stomach pain. Not unlike my reaction to Bacardi, I just steer clear due to the epic-ly negative association.

But just because you skip the intense red sauce, does not mean you should deny flavor atop your pasta. Adding red pepper flakes is always a win, and getting your white beans and broccoli all crunchy can be incredibly satisfying. Especially to a gluten-free person, who has lost all sense of “crunch” along with her sense of “good beer.”

What I’m trying to say, is this is the best damn pasta recipe outside of Brooklyn. It just happens to be gluten-free. Eat it!

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Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Lemon Fettucine Alfredo + Vacation Giveaway — What?!

It’s true. I totally made something that was healthy’ish. And look at that side of broccoli. Damn, that’s some healthy eating right there. When the So Delicious people asked if I’d like to throw some recipes their way, I said sure! After all, I do have an almond problem and that includes almond milk. So why not start using it wherever I can. Namely, in a creamy, dreamy gluten-free, dairy-free fettucine alfredo.

One thing I’ve been doing for awhile now is using millet flour when I make a rue. For some reason the millet does the trick. I heart millet. And instead of milk, I grabbed that So Delicious almond milk. Yum to the yum-yum. Sure it’s exciting to transform a formerly decadent meal into a g-free, d-free wonder. But you know what’s even more exciting?

Winning a freaking foodie trip to Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah. Yep, that’s a free trip. You can vote every day to enter this contest. Every day, you click on this link vote for me, and you’re entered to win a fab vacation.  Oh, and you get a coupon just for voting. Nice.

So how do you make this? Like so.

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27,000-Hour Gluten-Free Greek Lasagna Just Might Be Worth It

Have you ever cooked up something and you were like, “Oh my god, that was so amazing. I’m never making it again.” That’s how I feel about this delicious gluten-free Greek lasagna that seriously took me HOURS to make while I kept telling my family dinner was almost ready. Yes, I lied.

I picked up this magazine called, “Light and Healthy” because you know, we’re trying to eat light and healthy between my forays into deep-frying and sugar loading. I mistakenly believed that light and healthy also meant super easy. But there’s a “light and healthy” bechamel sauce in here, gang! This is where I give you another tip: Always read the recipe in its entirety before deciding you can whip up something in half-a-Wilco-album time.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure this recipe was more difficult than childbirth, if I’d actually experienced child-birth. Which is way TMI for this gluten-free food blog. That’s why I took a picture with the goods, coming out of my oven.

I would not be surprised, however, if you found this recipe to be much more simple than I did. Perhaps, I too could have had an easier time had I not; a) Started dinner at 6pm in hopes of having it on the table by 6:30pm, and b) Not had to throw Tupperware at my children’s heads to distract them from their requests to “help” with all the chopping and sautéing. So perhaps it will only take you like, two hours to complete instead of my 27,000. Good luck with that.

Here’s how you can make a light and healthy Greek lasagna gluten-free. Continue reading


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