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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: The Addiction Bistro

gluten-free-los-angelesThe name is no joke. I want to go back to The Addiction Bistro for every single meal. I mean, do you see that gluten-free fried chicken with mashed potatoes, cream corn and gravy???

I can’t believe I just now made it to this wheat-free kitchen, where everything is made from scratch, and the chef is the nicest man in the world. But I’m glad I finally did. I met Chef Johnny two years ago at the CDF Conference and I swore I’d be in soon. But I get intimidated by parking in LA because I’m a huge weenie and would often drive around West Hollywood thinking, “But I’ll never find parking!” Yesterday, I not only found parking, I found nirvana.

My son did too with his Bacon Ranch sandwich (he got the gluten bun, but everything is available gluten-free)—

gluten-free-los-angelesYou guys, this menu is so filled with foods you never thought you’d be able to see outside of your own kitchen. I have to go back to try the gluten-free French onion soup, meatballs, chicken Parm, the homemade sausages and hot dogs, the homemade pastas, and all the PIE. It’s the most extensive gluten-free menu I’ve ever seen, and they even have a gluten-free IPA on tap! I mean, come on! And I haven’t even talked about the brunch menu….

My kids were totally in love with The Addiction Bistro as well and Chef Johnny sent out this to win us all over, yet again, gluten-free style—

gluten-free-los-angelesThat’s a chocolate chip dream pie, people. And while it was sat down in front of me, you can see my daughter shoved me out of the way.

gluten-free-los-angeles I couldn’t even reach it after a few bites! Which I was incredibly grateful for actually, since we had just left Cedar Sinai where my girl was talking to a pediatric GI. Sigh.

She’s got some celiac symptoms and since it’s been two years since the initial test (that was positive, then not) we’re getting her blood panel done again. It sucks. But I am more prepared to deal with it now if it we get bad news, and at least I know she’ll have a safe, and incredibly delicious, place to gluten-free chow down if it turns out she did inherit my crappy genes.

I’m super stoked to go back (as I’ve said a million times before) and get some gluten-free goodness up in me again. Don’t be like me and wait two years to go. You’re smarter than that.



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Gluten-Free Pillsbury® Pie Crust??? Let’s Make a Pie!

pillsbury pie crustWell, hello there Dough Boy. Have you heard? Pillsbury® is getting into the gluten-free game and they’ve just released upon the world not one, not two, but THREE gluten-free classic dough situations. You’ve got your gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough, your gluten-free pizza dough, and your gluten-free pie crust. I was lucky enough to receive all three in the post and got to experimenting.* Thank you, Pillsbury®!

While this is great news, I hope the good people at Pillsbury® don’t think I’m going to stop writing letters about developing gluten-free crescent rolls. Because come on, Christmas. In the meantime, there’s a whole lot of goodness that can created out of these ready-made doughs. I’m thinking ice cream sandwiches with those cookies, pizza night at home (hey, no cross-contamination!), and any kind of pie you can imagine. Me? I imagined a gluten-free chocolate chip pie. Yes, I did.

I’ve been one of those devotees to Whole Foods gluten-free crusts, virtually giving up on ever having a roll out type crust wherein I squish the ends around the pie plate. And that’s just sad. While I did not make this gluten-free crust on my lonesome (duh, Pillsbury® did), I was able to shape it, pat it, and feel just a little bit more like Grandma. If only I’d taken the fork to the edges to make it all purty! How did I forget that??? Anyway, it felt good. And kind of normal. And tasted amazing. Easy, breezy, gluten-free pie. 

Before you think I’m totally hard core, please note that this chocolate chip pie is not in fact, made with gluten-free Pillsbury® pie crust AND gluten-free Pillsbury® chocolate chip cookie dough. Just the pie dough, folks. This time.

So here’s how you make this deliciousness happen. How do you think you could go crazy with Pillsbury® gluten-free doughs? Do tell.

*Full disclosure: this article is financially supported by Pillsbury®

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Gluten-Free Leek & Bacon Quiche: What’s In Your Box?

gluten-free quicheCSA box, that is. I’ve been super into leeks recently. Don’t look at me that way, it’s totally normal. So when a couple of big, long, green and white beauties showed up in my CSA box this week I thought, hmmm, why not make a quiche? Naturally, my next thought was, why not add bacon? Sure enough there was a recipe online I found that did just that, although in tartlet form. So I mixed it up and pulled out my pre-made frozen gluten-free pie crust from Whole Foods, and went to town. Wow, was it leek-a-rific. Okay, the bacon was not bad either.

If you want to substitute regular milk for the half-and-half, or go full cream, be my guest. It will be richer with the cream, but the bacon and leek deliciousness more than make up for the lack of milk fat. Do what you have to do, then enjoy this gluten-free quiche for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or second breakfast. No judgment. Well, except for my co-workers who have been screeching, “Who’s eating delicious breakfast?!?!?” at my office every day when I eat this up first thing.

Here’s how to inspire that kind of breakfast envy. Also, this is a crazy breakfast. Especially when you eat it every day for a week. Which I did. I said no judgment!

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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving: Almond Crown Pie

What’s up, Thanksgiving? You’re right around the dang corner somehow, so it seems I’m going to have to start eating like it’s already here. Why? As a service to you good people, that’s why. So poke an extra hole in that belt and get ready for even more gluten-free holiday recipes!

First up, a crazy delicious gluten-free almond crown pie. Something I had never heard of until I tried to figure out what in the world to do with this impulse buy I found in my cabinet.

Most people grab some puff pastry and go to town with this almond filling, but sadly there is no gluten-free puff pastry as of yet. (Hello, gluten-free food companies, get on that!) Instead I found a few recipes for this delicious almond crown pie thing and gluten-freed that bad boy.

Per usual, I simply purchased a pre-made gluten-free pie crust because I am NOT going to do it myself. Nope, can’t make me. After I finished this sweet and nutty wonder,  I realized it was basically a pecan pie but with the hot nut on the block — the almighty almond. The crown comes in when you line the crust with row of whole almonds (first row seen in the photo above).

Interestingly enough, I did not even notice the row of almonds when I sliced into this sweet piece of heaven, but it’s a cute idea, yes?

Here’s how you can change it up at your pie table.

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Gluten-Free Sweet-Tea Pie is Totally a Thing

Now it is, anyway. Before it was just a thing for the norms. But since I gluten-freed a sweet-tea pie, this totally weird dessert can also be eaten by you, the gluten hater. Here’s how this craziness happened.

After I stopped throwing things and crying, I decided this weekend would most definitely begin to look up if I went to work out with Richard Simmons and had pie. In that order. In another stroke of good luck, I happened to pick up a free download of the latest ebook from Tasting Table at Starbucks, so I had a very enjoyable browse through some recipe porn. The star of that particular show was this, the Sweet -Tea Pie.

Apparently this hot number came from Lucy’s Fried Chicken in Austin, Texas. Where I obviously can’t eat anymore, but surely would have pre-diagnosis had I know this amazingness existed. You guys, there is so much gluten in this original recipe that I paused momentarily as I considered whether all that work was worth it. Then I remembered who I am and that I always have a frozen gluten-free pie crust in my freezer. Win!

So while the original recipe calls for an incredibly complicated chilled pie crust before you even get to the sweet-tea filling — gluten-free kids, just grab one from the freezer. Seriouslys. Let it thaw out, but not warm up and you’re good to go. The crust does not matter when you’ve got 2 1/2 sticks of butter (cubed) as one of the ingredients in this custard pie. This is what that looks like:

Yep, it’s basically a butter pie.

This reminds me a heck of a lot of my Grandma Faye’s chess pie, but fancied up a bit. There is a bit of a tea taste in the back of your mouth after you take a bite, which is super fun and summery. That really is the main difference (other than the process by which it is made) from my grandmother’s recipe. Also, granny did not use 11 egg yolks in her recipe or 2 1/2 sticks of butter. Holy cholesterol, people.

Here’s how you can get your arteries all clogged up and delicious this summer. Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes That Will Make You Pee Your Pants

You know, instead of pooping them.

For my first gluten-free Thanksgiving I’ve been practicing on my friends and family. They appreciate it, really. ‘Cuz I’ve found some freaking delicious gluten-free sides, starters, desserts, and anything else you can think of to shove in your (gluten-free) pie hole. Honestly, they won’t even know that you painstakingly scoured the Interwebs and the cook books to convert normal recipes into ones for us freaky types.

But this recipe that appeared in the New York mag’s holiday cooking with celebrity chefs issue is so crazy good — even gluten-free — that you can just make this sweet potato meringue pie with pecan crust and burn the turkey for all they’ll care. And there was only one gluten-free substitution I had to make! Luckily I’ve been practicing the graham cracker crust business with my Kinnikinnik gf graham crackers, so it was no problem. Also I sub’d vanilla for vanilla paste because what the heck is that? Vanilla paste sounds awesome, but I just couldn’t find it after a three grocery tour. (By the way, can we talk about how my Whole Foods isn’t as good as it should be?) But other than that, these are the most important things you need to make this ah-ma-zing Thanksgiving dessert.

That looks delightful, yes?

A toasted pecan, graham cracker, cinnamon, fresh ginger, brown sugar crust is da’ bomb. You guys, this crust is epic. In fact, this whole dang recipe is epic. Even though I was slaving for hours, it was incredibly satisfying to create a masterpiece like this. My husband, however, was like, “Come to bed already!” But look at phase two, which is the bourbon, sweet potato and brown sugar portion of the recipe.

I almost licked it.

Then came the meringue, and it was all over. I totally licked that.

You guys, this is one of the most amazing pies I’ve ever made. You should totally get your g-free graham crackers up in this and go nuts this holiday season. Here’s how!

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