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It’s a (Gluten-Free) Pizza Hut Party!

gluten-free-pizza-hut-udisFriday night, just got paid. So what do you do with that hard earned cash? Hookers and blow? Oh hells, no. It’s pizza night!!!!! Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Meet My New Most Favorite Pizza

best gluten-free pizza Do you know what’s super cool? When you stumble upon gluten-free deliciousness, and not at all on purpose. That happened to me three times on a lunchtime walk the other day. Three times! Apparently that’s what can happen when you walk around Los Angeles. Who knew? Who knew you could even walk around Los Angeles? Now, you all do.

So the first gluten-free spotting I had was Caffe, Etc. where I found these awesome signs: Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Chicago?

gluten-free chicagoOh, hey. I just got back from Chicago and while I’m totally in love with the city (a cleaner, more manageable New York!), I’m afraid I have zero gluten-free dining advice for you. Well, that’s not totally true but it’s a lot true. Because I was there for for my editor gig I was hanging out at the BlogHer conference and thought I would be dependent on the convention center food all weekend. And every other time I’ve gone to a BlogHer event, they’ve had a whole freaking table of gluten-free grub. This means, instead of following my own advice of doing research, looking at great local Chicago gluten-free blogs (of which there are many), I got lazy and simply bellied up to the buffet table. That did not go well.

Yep, folks. I got gluten’d at the gluten-free table at BlogHer. Yes, I AM special! But I’m 99% sure I was not the only one. In fact I know the other celiac bloggers attending were served seitan for breakfast. Which is just wrong on so many levels. You can read about the international gluten’ing incident on either my Twitter feed, or many others. So here I’ll just say it sucked, I threw up, and then I never went back to the BlogHer buffet. So here’s what I did do!

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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Pizza Rev

gluten-free los angelesOne night my husband was doing some work things, or something. I’m not sure but I think he said “work things.” Regardless, he wasn’t going to be at home. Why is this night any different from any other night, you might ask? Because my husband is the responsible one in the family and would be like, we’re making dinner at home and it will be healthy. Naturally, I had to take advantage of the opportunity of his absence and immediately began to plot dinner for me and the kids that was a) not at home, and b) not necessarily so healthy. Yes, I am 12-years-old, why do you ask?

I polled my office mates and one genius pointed me in the direction of Pizza Rev. Have you guys been here yet?

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Gluten-Free Homemade Pizza with Thomas Keller

gluten-free pizza thomas keller

Complete with grease! YUM

Yes, I do like to pretend that I dine on the regular with Thomas Keller. When in fact, I just try every single one of the gluten-free flour blends that are associated with him (even though it is actually some rad lady who works in his family of restaurants that invented it). So I picked up the latest from Cup4Cup—the pizza crust! So. Damn. Easy.

So easy, in fact, I’m kind of regretting not going crazy on the toppings and instead playing it safe with the standard mozzarella and pepperoni. You can bet in the future I’ll be all arugala and proscuitto and some kind of white cheese truffle situation, because I CAN MAKE GLUTEN-FREE PIZZA, you guys. In my own home. In my own oven. In like, no time.

Yep, feeling pretty pizza-rific today. Thanks TK & Co. So here’s why it rocks so hard.

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Gluten-Free Party in 5 Minutes

gluten-free appetizersOkay, more than five actual minutes. But isn’t that catchy? In reality, however, it was “gluten-free party that I should have prepared for, but had no time during the week, and was getting back from a kid birthday party, and had to also rely on the rest of the family to prep a spread.” But that is just not snappy.

The point is, if you have people coming over, and you don’t have time to cook a shit ton, and you’re also gluten-free, here are some quick tips. Not just quick tips, flipping delicious tips, because these snacks are amazing, even the ones that only require you open up a gluten-free bag of yum. You can do this. You can. Let me just lay out what’s on this counter:

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Gluten-Free Los Angeles: Scott Baio Loves Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza & Grill

Something awesome, yet bizarro is happening in my neighborhood you guys. Or rather, my adjacent neighborhood. Not one, but two restaurants opened this week that serve gluten-free pizza. That’s right, gluten-free pizza within walking (if-we-still-lived-in-Brooklyn-but-we-live-in-LA-so-driving) distance!!! It’s like all of my complaining is finally paying off and now I can enjoy pizza every night of the week without looking like that person that comes into your restaurant every night of the week. Because of trading off, that’s how.

Thank goodness someone made the Sophie’s choice for me as to which pizzeria to try first, as the lovely people of Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza and Grill extended an invitation to me to check out their new digs earlier this week. I obliged. So did Scott Baio, as the hubs and I totally star-sighted that guy chowing down at Sammy’s. (Apparently his wife loves the joint.) But back to the food. The food that Chachi loves more than Joanie.

While the pizza is certainly a super delicious treat (we had the BBQ chicken pizza, because why not?), there are a variety of items on the Sammy’s menu that are gluten-free. And all kinds of cues on the menu about how to order up some gluten-free grub. See — Continue reading


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