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Gluten-Free Pumpkin Fondue is CRAZY Good

Maybe you just don’t have enough pumpkins at the ready for your gluten-free Thanksgiving meal. Pick up one more and fill it with cheese. Go get it. I’ll wait.

Yep, I’m talking about cheese fondue in a pumpkin pot. Holy crikey, it’s good. Because what’s not to like about melted cheese baked in a pumpkin. And it’s actually not that hard, making me think this could be a really fun fall party staple. You basically clean out that pumpkin, and start to layer your gluten-free bread, cheese, and roux. Like this –

Don’t forget to save those pumpkin seeds and roast them up with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika. Then you’re all, “I used every part of this food! I rule!!!”

As for your dippin’s, I happened to have an extra steak lying around so I just went full heart disease and plunged that steak into my fondue, along with some gluten-free toasty bread, and a few vegetables. It’s especially lovely when you scrape the sides of the pumpkin and get cheesy pumpkin goodness. You know what? You can also just take a spoon to this and sit in front of your TV all day. Whatevs.



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Gluten-Free Classic Pumpkin Pie When You Have GF Crustphobia

Listen up party people, it’s pumpkin time if you haven’t noticed by every muffin mix, coffee drink, and local “patch” popping up in front of your fall-loving face. It’s so pumpkin-arrific that my 3-year-old saw a picture of a pumpkin pie and said, “Can I have that?” This is a kid who won’t touch a vegetable or fruit so I decided feeding him pumpkin in the form of pie was a freaking great idea. Whatever it takes, dude.

While I love the cheesecake variety of pumpkin pie, and love even more a pie with a sweet potato and bourbon twist, I decided to go classic with this pie. Also, I decided to go lazy because g-dammit, I am still not willing to make a homemade gluten-free pie crust. I’m just not. If you want to learn how to roll out a super sticky gluten-free crust and make little dough designs, you’re going to have to go elsewhere. Not unlike snakes, making a gluten-free pie crust is something I have a completely irrational fear of getting involved with, and I’m just not gonna’ do it. Graham cracker? You bet. Anything other than a dough you have to roll out? ON IT. But I’m rejecting this notion of traditional crust that must be made by my own hands. The ones from Whole Foods work like a charm. Go shopping.

One totally Brooklyn thing I did do, however, was buy a lil’ sweet pumpkin and roast it up and puree that baby instead of using canned puree. Although as my sister-in-law pointed out, roasting a pumpkin and giving it the old puree doesn’t taste any different than buying pumpkin puree in a can. But if I’m not making the pie crust, I feel like I must do something else artisnal-y.

This recipe needs a 15 ounce can, so you can either do that or roast a small pie pumpkin and use the innards (seeds and strings removed). Using fresh nutmeg will really make the flavor more complex, and I highly recommend it.

Get it.

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Here Are Some Awesome Gluten-Free Recipes for YOU

Okay, so what rhymes with triticale?

Hi GIMBers! So I’m turning in my book on Monday, which means I’m a total ball of stress and ridiculousness. It also means instead of cooking and trying to be clever, I’m going to let other rad bloggers fill you in today. Sit back, and enjoy some of the best gluten-free recipes, thoughts, and ranting on the web! And if you get a chance, please send Xanax.


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