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Gluten-Free Books, Buttons & Cupcakes This Week!!!

GlutenIsMyBitchOh hey there. So I wrote this book, in case anyone has forgotten in the midst of my starvation meat diet, and other business. And this week I’ll be doing a book store signing at Pages: A Bookstore in Manhattan Beach AND the ladies of Whisk Bakery will be giving you guys gluten-free amazing cupcakes if you show up. I know, they’re the nicest. These cupcakes –

whisk bakery gluten-free cupcakesWowza! I don’t know why you’d bother to do anything else this Thursday at 7 p.m. But just in case you need more incentive, I’m gonna’ have these!

gluten is my bitch buttonsIt’s like I’m a cranky, gluten-free Oprah over here. There’s delicious gluten-free cupcakes, there are crazy awesome gluten-free buttons, and there ARE FREE SIGNATURES BY ME! Seriously, guys. Be there.


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Come see GIMB at Book Soup on Sunday!

The Day GIMB Came Out, At Book Soup

The Day GIMB Came Out, At Book Soup

Love book stores, hate gluten? Me too! I especially love those fabulous indie book stores that invite me to come hang out, chat it out, sign some things, and say a few curse words. Book Soup in West Hollywood is one of those stores. Woot! I’ll be reading and signing at 4pm, so find a fab parking spot and get comfortable.

And if you’re grabbing a bite in the neighborhood, might I suggest these awesome gluten-free friendly jointsContinue reading


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So, a Leaky Gut Walks Into a Bar . . .

How cute. I think I can eat!

How cute. I think I can eat!

I’m trying to make a joke out of this. That’s all I got. Sigh.

So I have something to confess. Even though I adore talking about crapping my pants, I’ve always felt like ever since I went off the gluten it was rare that I got really sick. Like, sick, but not really. That, my friends, is bullshit.

Ever since the great Baja Fresh gluten’ing of ’13, I’ve been in a constant state of sick, exhaustion, and more sick. Joints are aching, I feel like napping about every 15 minutes and you know the rest. (See: Crapping). I’m all, “What’s wrong with me??? It must be stress!” And then I sound like all those a-holes who tell celiacs it’s all in your head. So I stopped and thought for a minute as I dragged my ass into week three of being sick, and remembered the last time I got gluten’d and how long that lasted as well. FUDGE. (See how I’m controlling myself?)

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Gluten-Free Books & Booze in San Diego!

memorial day cocktailOkay, so I started before we left LA. Still! You guys, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s time to break out my favorite summer cocktail that is naturally gluten-free: The Raspberry Bourbon Lemonade Refresher. Or as I call it, sunshine over ice. So maybe I just now called it that. Good, right?

Still, I am headed down to San Diego this weekend and I hope all of you people in the area stop by my book thing because it’s at this amazing space called Organic Hammer. These people do much more important and interesting things than I do, so if you’re in the SD area, specifically Encintas, and you’re all, “It’s time I went sustainable all up in my house and lawn,” you should stop by. (Among other things, they do that shizzle.) But on Sunday, they’ve invited me to say “Helooooo, San Diego!” and do a little talking about Gluten Is My Bitch: Rants, Recipes & Ridiculousness for the Gluten-Free, a little signing, and a lot of grinning because I’m so close to the beach and awesomeness. Be there at 1pm and maybe—just maybe—I’ll also have some BUTTONS!!!!

While I doubt I’ll have access to my Sunshine Over Ice beverage on Sunday, I will tell you how to make it right NOW.

Raspberry Bourbon Lemonade Refresher


1 1/2 ounces bourbon
4-5 fresh raspberries
3 ounces raspberry lemonade/lemonade
1 lemon round

1. Place raspberries in the bottom of your glass and muddle.

2. Put ice in glass and pour bourbon, followed by lemonade. Give it a nice stir.

3. Garnish with lemon round, and enjoy!

Makes: 1 glass of sunshine

See you in SD!


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3 Awesome Gluten-Free Things Are Going Down This Weekend


One . . .

gluten is my bitch buttons

Two . . .

gluten is my bitch reading


Say you live in LA. Say you live in LA, and you like gluten-free cupcake tops. Say you live in LA, like gluten-free cupcake tops, and free buttons with curse words on them. Now. You live in LA, you like gluten-free cupcake tops, free dirty buttons, and want to know if I have one of those high squeaky voices, or pack-a-day tenors. THIS WEEKEND IS YOUR LUCKY WEEKEND.

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Ultimate Gluten-Free Holiday Gift Guide, For Real

They’re here! The holidays are all lined up and ready to kick your butt. And if you have a gluten-free cooking, food loving, slightly neurotic on your holiday list like my family does, you might want some gluten-free gift suggestions. Ten, in fact.

Okay, eleven. As there seems to be a very special gluten-free book available for pre-order on Amazon.

Of course, you have to wait until May 7th to enjoy that holiday gift. Which means it’s really more of a May Day gift. If people celebrated May Day by going heavily into debt. Still — !!!!!!!!!

So in addition to that delayed gratification, here’s what everyone wants under their tree and/or menorah this year. Swearsies. Continue reading

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Gluten Is My Bitch: The Book, The Movie, The Mini-Series

Two of those things are totally not true. But one is. I’m writing a book, ya’ll! Excuse me, I get excited and my Okie comes out. Gluten Is My Bitch, the book, will hit shelves in May of 2013 published by Abrams. Which I’m STOKED about. Thanks to my lovely agent at Stonesong, and my adorable friend at Cooking With My Kid who made the intro. Let’s give a shout-out to Alison and Rebecca. Can I get a wha-what?

So I’m going to be busy writing and maybe cursing. Okay, totally cursing.

This also means that I’m madly developing recipes that will be book exclusives, so you won’t be seeing them here. I’m totally sorry, as I’ve tapped my family cookbook which is filled with Southern and Cajun delights. Yep, lots of yumness that would give Paula Deen diabetes all over again. So you can look forward to that when you buy the book next May. Which you’re absolutely going to do, right?

But it’s not all food to kill. I’ll also explore being gluten-free and vegan, for you healthy types (but only a little, I do have a reputation to maintain), and of course gluten-free kid food. ‘Cuz having a gluten-free kid is a major drag. My kid won’t eat french fries and that bums me out. You folks watching your kid’s gluten intake are heroes. I’ll give you a hand! And of course there will be the complaining. So get ready.

In the meantime, let’s play “guess the gluten-free food” with this randomness: Continue reading


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