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Gluten-Free Donuts: I Totally Ate That

I’m just going to come out and say it: Gluten-free donuts all taste like cake. Now, if you’re a lover of cake (and who isn’t, really?) this means that you can enjoy gluten-free donuts all day long and think, “Wow, that’s some good gluten-free round cake with a hole in the middle.” But if you’re a donut lover and looking for the light, airy, crispness of a normal donut in gluten-free form, my friends, I’m afraid you will be very disappointed. Disappointed while eating delicious cake, mind you, which is its own kind of incredibly satiated disappointment.

So I won’t put aside my fantasy of biting into a hot glazed one as soon as I finish my fried chicken because I just got the magic gluten vaccine just yet. We all have our dreams, and that is mine. And it’s beautiful.

There are however, many good people trying to let celiacs fake like we’re normal people, when it comes to donuts. Mad props to them, and thank you for allowing me to pretend I could eat donuts again. I love you one and all, but here are the best of the nuts and holes: Continue reading


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Gluten-Free Ice Cream Cones To Fool Your Friends

In service to you, celiac reader, I decided to run an extensive taste test on gluten-free ice cream cones. I know, someone had to do it. It was me. And a few kids, because even I can’t eat that much dairy. So I raided the stores and came home with three different kinds of gluten-free ice cream cones:  Goldbaum’s sugar cone, Edward & Sons cake cone, and Edward & Sons sugar cone. There wasn’t much of a competition here. It turns out, they are all totally delicious.  I know! It’s a first in my “I ate that” series where I could not pick a winner, because every single one was a winner. Just like your mom told you. But just for the heck of it, let’s talk about how yummy these ice cream delivery devices actually are. Continue reading


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I Ate That: Best Gluten-Free Crackers

Welcome to “I Ate That” where I daringly shove food down my gullet in the name of science. Or rather, in the name of finding a delicious substitute for my favorite gluten-y foods. Since I like to brag about eating crackers, it’s only fitting that I kick off this taste test with that one crunchy, wheaty, item that I honest-to-god could never live without: the cracker.

As a delivery system for cheese, you can do no better than a cracker. In fact, I say, could there be any higher honor for a food stuff? Table, saltines, seeded, baked, fried, sun dried . . . I’m not discriminating. I just need me some good crackers. Luckily, the cracker game is one that gluten-free is winning. In fact, there’s one cracker I would eat even if god herself came down and told me that I could gorge on gluten and never watch what I eat again. Continue reading


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