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What The %^*# Is Going On With My Kid?

Beautiful Burger Eater

Beautiful Burger Eater

So good news, my little lady is not testing positive for celiac right now via the blood test! After I told her we high-fived and I gave her a package of Ritz crackers. I sure do miss that buttery crunch. And thank ALL of you for weighing in with your crazy stories about diagnosis, or lack of. It makes being on this unpleasant ride a little bit less lonely. And, jeez, what craziness that goes on with this sprue.

But even with this all clear (for now), still there’s some bad news. And that bad news basically breaks down to this: What the &%*$^!!??

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My Kids Are Celiac-Free! Hoo-freaking-rah

Happy because they're stuffed with gluten

There’s this thing about celiac disease in that it can run all over your family. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even know if my kids might have inherited the dreaded sprue, so after flip-flopping on whether I should even have my little ones tested for celiac, we finally did it. A trip to the blood lab, a brutal stick, lots of screaming, and bruises that are still visible in their elbow pits and we found out those guys can eat bread like they’re part-French. Which they are. So . . . good!

I admit, I was sweating it out for a bit. I thought my daughter’s brush with anemia and my son’s insatiable thirst might point to celiac. I also thought my five-year-old’s crankiness when we turn off “Team Umizoomi” and my two-year-old’s refusal to poop until he was already in bed might be indicators of some kind of odd disease. Not to mention the constant demand for cheese sticks and superhero dress up time — on both their parts. Surely these were all signs of a gluten intolerance, or a general annoyance. To me.

But thankfully they’re all clear on the gluten front and can enjoy kid birthday parties with abandon. Unlike the nut kid, poor guy. Although I have to admit, I thought maybe removing gluten from their diet might bring about some change-up in here. Continue reading


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Rice Krispies Go Gluten-Free! Life is Crackle-y Again

I’m loving this GF band wagon that’s happening all about the food biz. Kellogg’s Rice Krispies just announced that by this summer, they will offer a lovely gluten-free version of the crispy rice cereal, that seriously, should have been gluten-free in the first place. It’s rice. Of course, as with most processed foods, there is sneaky gluten in the ingredients list, which make things like puffed rice suddenly dangerous to the celiac. Which honestly, really pissed me off when I found out.

I’ve tried the organic, gf versions from other brands just to recreate that snap, crackle, and pop, but one was so dry I literally had to drink some kind of liquid the second it hit my mouth. My throat is getting all c-acky just thinking about it. And while most of you may think, “Hey, what’s the big deal? Rice Krispies ain’t all that.” Let me tell you, they are. Oh, they are. Continue reading


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LEGOLAND Is Soooo Gluten Free

Have you been looking for an amusement park experience, but are afraid you’ll starve to death in the middle of hamburgers, churros, and corn dogs? Well, have I got news for you, left-out celiac. LEGOLAND is all about the gluten-free eats, so much so they have a map showing you where you can pick up the gluten free specials on their web site, and it doesn’t even include all the gf goodies in the park! Holy buckwheat pancakes, allergy sufferers!

Exhibit A: As my kids ran for the hot dog stand, I decided I’d just have to wait until we could pry them away from the plastic park hours later in order to eat at one of the designated gf spots. So imagine my swooning when I spotted the sign in the photo above. That’s right, GLUTEN FREE BUNS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Continue reading


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